Top 15 Albums (and EPs) of 2021: Part 2/3

Well it is list time again, so here is part 2/3 of my top 15 albums (and Eps) of 2021, read part one “Here” and let’s dive into the second part.

Hot Milk- I Just Wanna Know What Happens When I’m Dead

“Hot Milk” is slowly becoming, one of my favorite bands, and they also have left their mark on the scene over the past couple of years, when the ep was announced I was overly excited for it and it was worth the wait then as it is while playing it now. I already wrote a full review for this ep.

The albums is filled with melancholy, substantialism and struggles with mental-health, and while the subject matter is heavy, the songs feel catchy and have their hooks, with songs like “The Good Life”

The 15 minutes of the Ep blast by with the bands energy taking the forefront, from pop hooks to haunting screams and everything in between, with an instrumentation consisting of a perfect mix of guitars, drums, electronics and beats which shows the bands versatility.

My favorite song of this Ep has become “The Good Life” with repeated listening

Two Year Break – Do You Wanna Find Love?

“Two Year Break” is a band I discovered around a year ago, and they incorporated a slew of sounds that I liked in other bands into their own. This album is also an exception for the list as I haven’t written a review for this one, it was on my list but better late than never I guess.

“Do You Wanna Find Love?” combines Electronics with traditional instruments resulting in a post-hardcore and pop feel to the songs, with Brad his vocals really taking their moment to shine.

The band’s poppy but chaotic songs, with screaming vocals do give me slight “Don Broco” feels but the band does give it their own twist.

As I stated before I love the use of synths in combination with louder music and this album has plenty.

Lyrically the band takes on the subjects of mental health, love and going through the motions of live.

If you haven’t done so yet, I highly recommend giving this one a spin, meanwhile I will be looking forward to what the band brings in the future.

My favorite song of this album is “OMG He’s In The House”

Action/Adventure – Pulling Focus

On this banger of an album, Action/adventure takes on the subject of being different in the scene, a message the band even made a documentary series out of with Poppunkincolor.

But the band does not only make a statement on “Pulling Focus” they also pull you in with their energetic delivery and the quick instrumentation.

The band focuses heavily on the inclusively with the scene and this album shows that you can make great pop punk, no matter who you are. You can read more of my thoughts on the full review “here

My favorite song of this album is “Barricades”

Emma Blackery – Girl In A Box

Girl in a Box is Emma’s second studio album, and it feels like she has found her own sound. Lyrically the album is an emotional Rollercoaster, with an a focus on the burdens of fame and being active in the modern day online space.

What I like the most is how the album is darker in its pop tones, which seem more fitting with Emma her voice. That being said a myriad of influences can be heard on the album, with acoustic songs, full pop ballads and even a cover, which she delivers hauntedly. As has become a trend with this list, you can read my full review “Here

My favorite song of the album at the moment is “Crying”     

Teenage Wrist – Earth Is A Black Hole

On earth is a black hole “Teenage Wrist” explore the aspects of being human, and the fact that the title track “Earth is a Black Hole” was stuck in my head long before the full album came out.

The album is a mix of punk, grunge and surf, which already checks a lot of my boxes, that combined with the bands energetic delivery the albums also gives the songs some summer vibes. Lyrically the band takes on emotional issues but also social issues in haunting but edge ways, such as the more dreamy “Silverspoon” or the more up beat but emo feeling “Taste of Gasoline”

With its versatility of feelings and sounds, which fit like puzzle-pieces it’s an album I gladly spin a view more times.   

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