5 Christmas songs to add to your Christmas playlist.

Last week, I took a look at the Christmas covers that frequent my playlist during this time of year, and for Christmas eve I’ll keep up with the Christmas theme, with 5 original Christmas songs that you should at to your playlists.


Feeling like a Christmas story from the start, it still has the quirks of a GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS song, especially the vocal style and the songs structure. Lyrically the song tell a warming story about not being alone with Christmas, which has the side effect of the song also feeling like a love song.

Either way, the chorus can be sung along at full volume and does its job as far as getting sticking in your head goes.

Ordinary Christmas- State Champs

This one is short and fast, which just feels right for “State Champs” but also means that it flies by before you know it. The lyrical content talks about the protagonist pet peeves with his Christmas celebration before describing his desire to just have an ordinary Christmas.

The song is short and has a fast feel but does give you some holiday hype.  

Modern Day Christmas – Bronnie

It’s no secret that “Bronnie” is one of my favorite artists, and this Christmas song feel fitting with her describing the true Christmas feel during our modern times, such as going out on Christmas, getting the person you hate during secret Santa, eating too much and some comments on never getting an Alien for Christmas, which feels like a “Fountain of Wayne” reference.

This combined with “Bronnie” her powerful vocal style and the old school pop punk feel makes it a Christmas banger for me.

This Holiday – Dragged Under

While the last to songs had a little dismay at Christmas, “Dragged Under” makes it clear that they rather be left alone and do not care for al the Holiday cheer. Expressing dismay at the early playing of Christmas songs, putting up the tree and being with family, which they clearly don’t like.

While the song as more of an anti-Christmas song, the still has the bells and the chorus just hooks you in, so even if you don’t want to be alone, you will still sing along to the song.

Christmas vacation – LØLØ

While some Christmas songs feel like a love song, LØLØ has themed a love song around the idea of Christmas in the sweet acoustic song where she describes her past lover as bringing the feeling of Christmas.

This one feels a lot more heartfelt, and the acoustics paired with here soft vocals make this a beautifully Haunting one.

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