Top 15 Albums (and EPs) of 2021: Part 1/3

It’s the end of year and we all know that means, list time, this time I decided to mix albums and EP to give a better over view of my most listen to of 2021s releases, as unseal with list this big it’s been broken up into 3 parts, so let’s dive into the first five 

Waterparks – Greatest Hits

Surprise Rickkerts end of year list features Waterparks, which is beginning to be a tradition in and of itself, but they are truly worthy of returning to the list each year.

And “Greatest Hits” mixes everything I like about this band, and experimental feel, the use of both electronics and traditional instrumentation and an energetic vocal delivery.

On top of that is the lyrically content, focusing on the price of fame for both your mental health as well as your social status. I could go on for hours about this album, but I already did that in my review, so Ill end it here and give it another spin.

My favorite song of this album is “Violet”

Pinkshift – Saccharine

Cover art for Saccharine by Pinkshift

Pinkshift has taken the scene by storm over the past year and rightfully so, with bursting energy and a feel that seems the call back straight to 90s. With short tracks like “Toro” and “I’m gonna tell my therapist on you” surely being a mainstay on my playlist ever since it came out.

Lyrically the album is bursting with emotion and empowerment and as I already stated in my full review, I cant wait for more Pinkshift.

My favorite song of this Ep is “Toro”

The Maine- XOXO: From Love And Anxiety In Real Time

The Maine is one of those bands that keeps re-inventing themselves, with one running theme their songs are always catchy and have a strong pop feel to them.

I’m trying to not repeat myself but this album feels worlds apart for the more melancholy are “You Are Okay”  which also made one of my end of year lists.

Instead, “The Maine” takes on the subject of Love, with a much more positive outlook which can be felt in the songs, which for the most part feel like slurry summer songs, with my favorites still being “High Forever”   

you can read an in dept review “here

Halflives – V

With “V” “Halflives” sets out with a clear theme in mind, and it results in a haunting EP with a clear dark pop feel to it. 

While the tones are clearly darker, the subject matter revolves around themes of empowerment, while having a dramatic flair.

On top of the dramatic flair the whole EP truly shows the vocal power behind this band, as with most albums on this list, you can read an in dept review “here

My favorite song on this EP was “Villain”

Against The Current – Fever

And the close this first part. A band that I’ve been listening to ever since I got interested in music “Against The Current” keeps overdoing  themselves with every release, but this album does show them leaning more into the rock side of their sound.

Furthermore, there is the darker subject theme, dealing with mental health and dealing with the world around, but also focusing on empowerment.

The band also does some unexpected things, for instance, having a guest feature from “guardin” which turned out awesome.

I surly hope that the louder trend of “ATC” stays going this way because it does suit really well with Chrissy her vocal power.

Of course you can read an in depth review here.

My favorite song on this EP was “Weapon”

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