Wave Break- Puzzle Pieces

It has been some time since I talked about wave break on 5 bands I think you should check out. After some line-up changes the band has become Kelly her solo project and recently Wave Break 2.0 released their first ep, so let’s see how the changes have effected the music. 

The Ep kicks off on the heavy side with “Stop the Car” Immediately establishing the darker tone of the album. Lyrically the song is about the decline of the protagonists mental health and wanting to leave a heap of problems behind.

“Manic Dreams” and “Hypocrite” are tracks that take me straight back to the 2000s with a heavier instrumentation and more emotional feel behind them. Especially Hypocrite has that old school emo feel. (I certainly would play it on Emo Night)

Building on the tones of “Hypocrite” is “Tug of War” which sounds just as dark but has an even hookier chorus, and keeps stuck in your head for days. The lyrics keep with the albums overall theme of letting go and working on mental health.

At the tail end of the Ep the second single “Chemical Burn” reels you back in with a more poppy feel and Kelly her vocals sounding sadder, this song shows the true pain of the past for the protagonist/ Kelly and the wounds it has left behind.

The second last song “Melatonin” feels more like a ballet and a continuation of “Chemical Burn” with the protagonist pouring their hard out for everybody to hear and finally leaving everything behind.

Last but not least is “Unanchored” which features sing and songwriter “Mark Rose”. Instrumental wise the song keeps with the Eps overall dark theme but has one of the best lyrically hooks on the chorus in my opinion.

While dark and emotional always has been a big part of “Wave Break” Sound the transition to a solo project and the turbulence it has brought really seem the have effect the feel behind the album, making its lyrics more heard felt and its dark parts even darker. But fortunately the ep is not all doom and gloom with some incredible melancholy songs that still manages to give that sing-along hook and Kelly her voice the moments to shine. The Ep may not be groundbreaking in its songs, it does show “Wave Breaks” strengths in the dark and emotional.

Songs of Puzzle Pieces you should check out.

“Stop The Car”

“Tug of War”


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