5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out!: November 2021

It’s the end of November and that means it’s time to put some new bands into the spotlight. Let’s see which artist could be your favorite next.


Aryy or Aryyzona or Ariel Mançanares is a Brazilian youtuber and sing/song writer who is currently living in California. She started uploading videos in 2008 but started releasing her own in 2020.

Currently Arry her musical output consist of one original ep, a handful of singles and tons of covers which are featured on her YouTube page.

In terms of live shows she has played a couple as a YouTuber but still has to play under the Arry name.

What I like about her around is the overall upbeat vibe and the uke based melodies, fitting with her voice.

Songs I recommend are “I’ve grown out of you”, “Softie with anger issues” and “Halves of a whole”

Dear me

Dear Me or Lucas is an American sing/songwriter who started releasing music in 2019.

Their discography currently consist of tons of singles and one full album with their latest release being the single “I Wish This Was Still About You”

In terms of live shows they have preformed with acts such as “Arkaeo” and “Opals”

What I like about their sound is the spoken word parts they mix in as well as their lo-fi influences.

Songs I recommend are “Criss Cross Applesauce”, “How Did We End Up Like This? and “You Always Hated My Friends” 

Emma McGann

Emma McGann is a British singer/songwriter and streamer, who has been active since 2008.

Currently she has over a dozen singes and one full album behind her name, with the latest release being the single “Teary Eyed”

In terms of live shows she has played with artists such as “Rusty Shackle”, “John Nicholas” and “Carley Carpenter”. She also has played numerus streamed shows as part of her “The Duality Tour”

What I like about her sound is the synth pop vibe that is she gives.

Songs I recommend are “Danger”, “Second Chances” and “Teary Eyed”

See You Smile

See You Smile is a Japanese Pop punk band formed in 2016 and currently consisting of vocalist Rui, guitarist Ayato, guitarist Sean, bassist Enomoto and drummer Girioda.

The bands discography as far is its available in the west consists of two eps and a handful of singles, with their latest release being the ep “Hype”

The band has supported some western while they toured Japan, such as “Seaway”, and “Chunk No Captain Chunk” but also played numerus shows with other Japanese bands such as “Castaway” and “Kuzira”

What I like about their sound is the sadboi vibe, reminding me mostly of the 2010 wave of pop punk and one of my favorite bands “State Champs“.

Songs I recommend are “Pressure”, “Golden Life” and “Tropical Days”


TX2 is the alter-ego of American Emo rapper Evan Thomas, who has been releasing music under this name since 2018.

Currently his musical output consists of 9 singles and two albums, with his latest release being the single “No Place Like Home”

Live he has played shows with artist such as “Mystic”, “Keifer” and “Villyns”

What I like about his sound is his mix of hip hop flows with emo inspired guitars and vocal techniques. 

Songs I recommend are “Pull the Plug”, “No Place Like Home” and “Make U Bleed”

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