Show Report: Saying goodbye to 2 Years

It’s time for new show report, this is a special one as it is the last show by Dutch metalcore band “2 Years (to Apocalypse) ending the bands 10 year run with a blast. But of course they did introduce some new bands. So lets talk about them first before saying goodbye to 2 years.

First up is “Reformist

reformist 12-11-2021

Reformist is a Dutch Metalcore/Hardcore band formed somewhere this year or at least has started releasing music this year. The band currently consists of vocalist Freek Kruijswijk, guitarist Matthijs van den Hoven, guitarist Mark van Gils, bassist Vincent de Bruin and drummer Jeffrey Vermeulen.

Their set was energy filled and the band did give it their all to get the crowd warmed up for the next bands. With the crowd mostly nodding along and taking some time to defrost but getting off at the last song, “Rebuild”

Secondly we have “Serve

serve at melkweg 12-11-2021

Serve is a Dutch hardcore band formed around 2018, otherwise there isn’t much to be found about the band.

Their set truly kicked your teeth in with the band encouraging some moshpits. Ending with the guitarist being carried around through the crowd during the last song. I haven’t much more to say about their set, except that it was heavy and energetic.  

And finally its time to say goodbye to “2 Years

2 years at melkweg 12-11-2021

2 Years set was by far the longest, starting with a video of members reflecting on their time with the band and the band itself talking about their favorite memories on stage. The band also opened the stage for guest vocals from other band members and friends of the band. With this being the last time playing for the band they seem to give it all their energy and so did the crowd.

Their set consisted of songs such as “Bliss”, “Harvesters” and “The New Divine” and many more, truly a high not for the band to go out on. Besides energy their set also was emotional in the way saying goodbye always is.

Normally I would recommend if you should see the band life for yourself, but in this case I would like to thank “2 years” for one last awesome show and wish the members luck in their future ventures.  

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