Halloween Special: 5 songs with Vampiric insperations.

This week I forgo the release radar, to instead give a fitting end to this years spooky season. So here is a collection of 5 songs about my favorite things that go bump in the night, with vampiric intend. These songs either literally or metaphorically have bloodsuckers as their subject matter, here are five songs about vampires.

Vampire – Solence

Featured on the Swedish metal/pop band’s latest album the songs instrumentation shows how the band has a myriad of influences for example, Vampire feels more like a modern Emo rap/Emo Pop song.

The songs lyrics deal with Vampire’s in the metaphorical sense, with the protagonist describing his lover as a vampire, for draining his energy with her games.   

21 Century Vampire – LILHUDDY

LILHUDDY has been making himself know with the scene of at least the last two years, but 21 Century Vampire was my first meeting with his music. A good first impression especially the hook on the chorus stays stuck in your head.

Lyrically the song deals with Vampire’s metaphorically again, but this time the protagonist views himself as a vampire, describing his night owl tendencies and the dark bags under his eyes, as vampire characteristics

Marceline The Vampire – Steppes

Released in 2018 by indie/alternative Steppes this song is a lot softer instrumentally than other entries on this list, which fit the lighthearted inspiration for the song.

Lyrically the song is an ode to adventure time character Marceline The Vampire Queen. Where the protagonist talks about her vampiric tendencies, but it also feels like a love song.  

VAMPIRE’S DIET – 3OH!3 ft Bert McCracken

Featured on the Hyperpop/ scene legends latest album and having “The Used’s” Bert McCracken on guest vocals. The song gives everything you can expect for such a scene team-up.

Lyrically the song has the protagonist talking about a girl he meets, during the song several things are reverenced as being vampiric such as the protagonist himself, the internet.

Vampires – 10 Years

10 years is probably one of the lesser know bands on this list, but their musical output does give me some old school scene vibes.

On vampires the band talks about their past and refers to vampires of their past, with it feeling metaphorically but also fitting with their descriptions of shadows and stalking the night.  

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