Rickkert Reviews: Take The Name- For What It’s Worth

Take The Name is a band I just recently discovered through their cover of an All Time Low song, and shortly after the band released their second Ep, so let’s see how I like it.

Opening track “You Broke Me” slowly reels you into the album, with electronic tones and heavy guitars, combined with powerful but smooth vocals, bringing its heaviness at the end. Lyrically the song describes a relationship gone wrong and the emotional damage it brought to the protagonist.

“Change in Plans” is one of the singles released from the Ep and features “Kellin Quinn” as a featured artist. Sonically the song feels reminiscent of 2000 metal, mixed with modern influences. The heavy guitars and vocal flows are what makes this song one of my favorites on the EP. Lyrically the song talks about changes and being done with current live.

At the half-way point of the Ep we find “Grenade” also one of the singles released, contrasting with the harder Nu-metal inspired tones of “Change in Plans” this one gives of more of a pop vibe, but still holds its heavy elements. Especially the bridge features some haunting vocal hooks. Lyrically the song builds forth on the theme of opener “You Broke Me”

By far the best intro on the Ep can be found on “Succubus” sonically this song is all out modern Metalcore vibe, and an emotional hook on the chorus. Lyrically the song talks about being haunted by a girl, like the title suggests.

After the hard-hitting notes of “Succubus” the band goes into a more pop direction once again with the relaxing tones of “Scar Tissue” Lyrically the song talks about the same broken heart the Ep follows, but the protagonist is finally getting over it.

Lastly there is “Crash and Burn”, which returns to nu-metal inspiration and features Kulick. Personally this song feels heavily inspired by “Linkin Park”  Lyrically the song is accumulation of all the lessons of the Ep and the place it gets its title from.

Take The Name wears their influences on their sleeve with this Ep but does give it some fresh mixing, while the band brings their song with enough energy to get your moving, they do not break any barriers with their record. Which, makes the Ep just a Good Ep.

Songs of “For What It’s Worth” you should check out.

“Change in Plans”


“Crash and Burn”   

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