Thoughts On: The Bad Batch S1

It’s time for me to talk about a new Disney+ show once again, this time I take a step away from the MCU to instead talk about a new Star Wars show. Here are my thoughts on the first season of “The Bad Batch”

Order 66 and the rise of the Empire

The first episode starts of much like the Clone Wars introduction as well as a connection with the rebels with the episode featuring Kanan Jarrus/Caleb Dume as a Padawan.

What I noticed the most in this first episode was the tonal shift right after Order 66, with the batch returning to kamino. You can immediately feel something is wrong with the inclusion of the Coruscant Guard.

I mostly like how you can feel something has changed at these moments. Some of my favorite moments of me are the inclusion of Tarking and the slow flip of “Crosshair” setting him up as the one that will leave the bad batch.

This first episode felt more like a mini movie setting up the premise for the bad batch with their last introduction, which of course is the introduction of omega.

The episode did not only setup a lot, it also gave a load of new questions and new stuff to theorize about.

During the second episode, the story slows down a little but does show the change and growing pains of the galactic Empire and a throwback with the batch visiting the deserted clone called Cut.     

The birth of stormtroopers and the secrets of Omega

In the third episode, we see more of kamino under the empire and the explanation of “Rogue one” project “War Mantel” which feel like the start of either the stormtrooper program or the more sinister the deathtrooper program. I’m thinking the Deathtrooper program as the non-clones in Crosshair his squat wear armor with the same colors as the later Deathtroopers.

On to the fourth episode, firstly we see “The Batch” struggling with their new status as fugitives and no longer being supported by the Republic. But my favorite part of this episode was the inclusion of Fennec Shand and reveals that Omega has a price on her head and the kaminoans want to get her back without the empire’s knowledge.   

Mercenaries and life without the Republic

Over the next two episodes we see the batch deal with their new role as mercenaries and going on missions of Sid. Which gives the show a videogame feel (Central hub and missions being done from there) furthermore there the batch struggles with their duty of care to Omega.

The Martez also make a return and the seem to be working for some rebel. The batch runs in to the sister while trying to steal a tactical droid.  

Removing the chips and reunion

It turns out that the Martez sister have a connection to Rex, who stops by at “The Batch” new home/hangout. When the clones have a discussion about their chips, Rex talks about how dangerous the chips are urging the band to get them out.

Of course, in earlier episodes we already see Wrecker his troubles with headaches and his chip going off and on.

So, where to remove the chips, on the medical bay of a Venator, where do four deserted clones find a Venator? On Bracca of course. Which is a nice throwback to the Jedi: Fallen Order

When they go on the remove Wrecker his chip, the moment that is foreshadowed is here and it goes off.

When “The Batch” is discovered by the scraper’s guilt, they contact the empire. Which means a Reunion for the batch as Crosshair his new “Elite Squadron” is sent to take them out.

This is the first moment the groups tactics seem to backfire, with Crosshair using them against them.

By far my favorite inclusion is at the end, with the return of Cad Bane who is also hired to get Omega and has a standoff with Hunter.  

Kamino’s secrets and the enemy of my enemy.  

After “The Batch” loses Omega it is time for a rescue mission, but throughout the episode it’s clear, Omega can easily escape on her own. This episode also throws up new questions about Omega. Fennec Shand makes an appearance again and throws new points.

Bane and Fennec are hired by different kaminoans, which makes me wonder about their agenda.

Lastly there is episode 10, which sees “The Batch” go on a rescue mission again, but this time to free, a separatist senator from the grasp of the empire. Which also sees them struggling with their new role with the galaxy. Omega stays behind with Sid and shows a new talent once again, She is a master at Holochess ( Dejarik) with which see wins enough to pay-off “The Batch” debt to Sid.

Back To Ryloth

The Batch finds themselves on Ryloth, where it has become clear that the Empire is not only hostile against separatist worlds, but loyalists as well. We also see Chopper and Hera during this short arc.

These episodes also show the failure of the inhibitor chips, with clones laying down their weapons and bending rooms.

Competition and changing of the guard

With the video game parallels in the show being there, it’s no surprise, the Batch has to go on a side quest when Sid her bar is suddenly taken over.

We also see more of project War- Mantle, as the batch finds a secret base, where clone commandos made to train TK- Troopers (stormtroopers)

It’s cool to see this transition between the Republic and the Empire, but it feels fast during the show.    


In the closing episodes the batch returns to Kamino and are re-united with Crosshair, here he drops the truth on the team,his chip was already removed and is loyal to the empire out of his own free will. Further more, Crosshair feels left behind by the team when the fled Kamino.

These episodes also feel like the end of an era, with it ending with the destruction of Kamino.

These last episodes felt bittersweet, and with season 2 of the Batch coming I the future I want to where they go from here.   

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