Rickert Review: Halflives – V

Halflives have dropped their newest Ep “V” at the beginning of this month, most of the singles I have already covered on Release Radar, high time to take a look at the Ep as a whole.

Looking at the tracklist, its clear the band build their album around the V theme, with all song titles starting with this letter.

Ep opener “Vibe” shows what the band does best, pop rock with an anthemic feel to it. But also great hooks and a sense of self-confidence.

Contrasting the energetic opener is the second song on the five song Ep, “Victim” which shows the dark side that Halflives has made their own. Linda her hypnotic vocals draw you in as you listen to the dark struggle she describes.

After the pit that is symbolized on “Victim” comes my favorite song of the ep “Valkyrie” which is a bold and powerful song that embraces Empowerment. Instrumentally the song mixes pop, rock and electro to a catchy crowd-pleaser.

“Villain” service as a counter part to “Victim” and describes a cycle of Victims and Villains with the protagonist reflecting on the fact that they have become the new villain. This al is packed in haunting instrumentation and the eerie vocals of Linda.

Villain certainly is an ear worm with the hooks that are featured on the chorus and interesting instrumentation.

Ep closer “V (Psycho) brings the story of the Ep to a Dramatic end and the protagonist reflecting on the harm being with the Toxic relationship which is discussed throughout the Ep. This makes it by far the darkest song on the Ep but also the fitting closer to its story.

As mention before, the story of V is an emotional Rolle coaster, Which deals with heartbreak, toxic relationships and self-doubt. Halflives describes the story using an amalgamation of gernes and makes darks song, catchy as well. My conclusion is the Ep is Halflives through and through.  

Songs of “V” you should check out!



“(V) Psycho”    

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