5 Bands I Think You Should Check out!: June 2021

It’s the last Wednesday of the month is here once again and I got 5 new bands lined-up for you.


Hoity-Toity is an American pop rock/punk band. Formed somewhere around 2014, the band consists of vocalist Shelby Muniz, guitarist Aria Hurtado, bassist Tana Snyder, and drummer Kelsey Caselden.

The bands musically output currently consists of two Eps and a single, with their most recent release being their second Ep “Not Your Kind”

In terms of live shows the band has played together with acts such as “Neon Dreams”, “The Arbor” and “Lost Again”

What I like about their sound is how they combine, riot style guitar riffs, rock and roll vocals and drums with pop hooks, making for a unique take on pop rock/ pop punk.

Songs I recommend are “Hinderance” “Opus” and “Mykinnacoma (Not Your Kind)”


Ashnikko is an American sing and song- writer, although she moved to the UK around 2016 to start her musical career.

She has released two Ep’s and one album thus far, with her song “Slumber Party” going viral on tiktok. As well as other songs by her finding online popularity.

In terms of touring she has shared the stage with artists like “Girli”, “Danny Brown” and Mavi Phoenix”

What I like about her sound is her flow and use of her vocal abilities, her sound has a fresh uniqueness which is a perfect fit for the current hyperpop wave.  

Songs I recommend are  “Deal With It” “Slumber Party” and “Nice Girl”


Vial is an pop punk/rock foursome from the US, formed somewhere around 2019, the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist KT Brandscom, Bassist Kate Kanfield, keytardist Taylor Kraemer and drummer Katie Fischer.

Their discography currently consists of a handful of singles and one Album “Grow Up” (2019) with their latest release being the single “Violet”

With the band being formed recently they haven’t really sunken their teeth into the live circuit yet, but with that being said, the have played shows with artists such as “Fox Theory”, “Gully Boys” and “Sapphire”

What I like about their sound are the dreamy vocals, combined with dark guitar riffs, pop hooks and a healthy dose of punk attitude.    

Songs I recommend are “Roadkill”, “Rough” and “Violet”  

Cayley Spivey

Cayley Spivey is an American sing and song-writer. They started their musically career around 2017 and have been making their way around online since then.

Cayley has released a handful of singles thus far, with their latest release being a remix of the single “Cross The Line”

In terms of live music they have played shows with acts such as “Small Talks”, “A Will Away” and “The Regrettes

What I like about their sound is the more emotional tone they set, furthermore they pull you in with their dreamy sounds and danceable beats.  

Songs I recommend are “SFU”, “Not Over You Yet” and “Cross The Line”   

Crimson Apple

Crimson Apple is an American Pop rock/ synthpop band. Formed in 2012 the band consist of four sisters, vocalist Colby Benson, guitarist Shelby Benson, bassist Carthi Benson and drummer Faith Benson.

The band has released a slew of singles and one Ep, with their latest release being the single “Dead to Me”(2021)

The band also has toured with acts such as “All Time Low”, “The Plain White T’s” and “The Chainsmokers”

What I like about their sound are the darker tones and synth inspired instrumentals, as well as the commanding vocals.  

Songs I recommend “War With My Mind” “Break Your Heart Worse” and “Can’t Get out of Bed”  

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