What The Hell Happend To: Go Back To The Zoo

You ever go through your old playlists or find an old cd and think, what the hell happened to that band? Well, let’s find out. What the hell happened to: Go Back to The Zoo

Who are Go Back to the Zoo?

Go Back to the Zoo was a Dutch rock and britpop band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Cas Hieltjes, guitarist Teun Hieltjes, bassist Lars Kroon and drummer Bram kniest.

After their founding in 2008 the band release a self-titled Ep and played that years incubate festival. Because of appearances on television shows and uses of their songs in commercials the band got fast recognition and at the end of 2009 the band singed with universal.

The band released their debut album August 2010 with got to certified gold around its first year. Other achievements of the band include playing lowlands 2010. The release of a second album in 2012 and won two 3fm awards for the best band and best rock artist.

Their most popular hits include “Electric” “Hey Dj” and “Beam me up”

What the hell happened?

On the fourth of January 2016 the band announced that they would stop playing under the name “Go Back to The Zoo and change their name to St. Tropez together with a change in sound to be more political.

Under the name St.Tropez  the band has released one Ep and two albums with their latest release stemming from 2018.

One of their most noteworthy stunts is the promotion of their second album, during which the band had set up a studio in the central station of Amsterdam.   

St. Tropez is still active and playing shows. It’s just a matter of time before they release new music.  

If you want to check out this band I recommend listing to the go back to the zoo song Electric and the St.Tropez song “Sick Home”   

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