Release Radar #48

It’s time for some new release again, with this time a mix of new old and unexpected.

Last Cigarette- The Band Camino

Last Cigarette- The Band Camino

Opening with upbeat guitars and electronic beats, the vocals are added quickly going with the rhythm of the song. The chorus gets more poppy and adds gang vocals to the mix. Taking things a step back on the second verse the song keeps with its initial flow and builds back to the chorus just as fast. Showing off, the band introduces shredding guitars to the bridge and mixes these in with the ending chorus of the song. In the last moment the vibe switches and goes for and acoustic outro.

Lyrically the song talks the spiraling fall into depression of the protagonist and how he tries to drown his feeling.  

What I like about this song is the upbeat poppy nature, which heavily contrasts with the dark lyrical content, which I see as a metaphor that some of the happiest looking people can be the most broken.  

Vox Populi- Loud Love

Vox Populi- Loud Love

Kicking right in with heavy guitars and growling vocals, the song gets a little more melodic on the chorus, before kicking it back on the chorus. The song ends with a more rhythmic instrumentation on the last verse.

Lyrically the song talks about all the anger and worries that are a part of these times.

What I like about this song is the fast, hard-hitting nature , fitting with the short duration of the song

Let The Bad Times Roll – The Offspring

Let The Bad Times Roll – The Offspring

Opening with rhythmic drums, the song almost immediately adds vocals to the mix. Changing the instrumentation to a more guitar driven sound on the verse, the band goes back to a more drum driven sound on the chorus again. Building back up on the verse, with the typical offspring guitar sound. The bridge slowly builds up to one last chorus, on with a organ slowly plays out the song.

Lyrically the song talks about the bad times, with some clear references to the trump administration and a certain wall.

What I liked about this song is the slower driven pop vibe of the chorus, contrasting with the more swingy verses. 

SNOW GLOBE -Waterparks

SNOW GLOBE -Waterparks

Starting off with dreamy piano slowly flowing into electronic beats, to then alternate again with the piano, the song creates a dreamy vibe before introducing Awsten his vocals into the mix. The pre-chorus features more beats and a bass effect on the vocals before going to a high note in the instrumentals. The second verse keeps its smooth tones and slowly builds back to the deeper chorus. The plays itself out with the chorus featuring mixed and electrified vocals going without instrumentation

Lyrically the song goes into the burden of being a successful artist and the age-old commentary that the old stuff was better.

What I like about this song is the all out electronic vibe, which takes things even further from the previous work.   

Nxt my father anymxre

Nxt my father anymxre

Opening with far away vocals and a lone strumming guitar, the song slowly introduces louder drums, vocals, and guitar. The chorus gets a more pop in its tone. The second chorus takes things in a different direction and goes not only softer but also changes the instrumentation to piano and electronic beats. On the chorus the electric guitars are brought back into the instrumentation. The song ends with a repeat of the opening of the song.

Lyrically the song is a call out to the protagonists father, and all the limited the father has put on the protagonists  

What I like about the song are the different sections that are introduced and seem to walk the line between emo rap and pop punk.   

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