5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out!:January 2021

Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Second Opinion is a Belgium punk/pop punk band. Formed in 2014 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Rigo Claes, guitarist Lucas Feys, bassist/vocalist Daan Bauwens and drummer Jano Boogy.

The band has released one Ep and one album “Fat Fish” (2016)  and “Another Day” (2020) so far. The band has played gigs alongside bands such as “Dirty Toy Company” and “WANHEDA”

What I like about their sound is how they take their pop punk a little heavier, bringing in influences from a more ramones-core sound, and putting the punk in pop punk. During listening I found a lot of similarities with the sound of “Without Andrew” but also bands like “Belmont” and “Me Vs Hero”  

Songs I recommend are “Lost In Society”, “Ignored”, and “Party Dude”       

Chris Blackburger

Chris Blackburger

Chris Blackburger is a German Pop Punk band.  Started in 2019 the band consists of vocalist/guitarist Christoph Schwarzenberger aka “Chris Blackburger, guitarist Christian Berbner, guitarist Oliver Strotmann, bassist Nils Arnhoffer and drummer Tobias Jungen.

The band doesn’t have any eps or albums behind their name, but does have seven singles behind their name, with six being in English and one in their native German tongue.

Being the youngest band on this list, they don’t have much touring behind their name, but the band has played some gigs around Germany.

What I like about their sound is how they combine an old-school pop punk sound with some more modern influences. The band reminds me of a mix between “Story Untold”, “Mayday Parade” and “As It Is

Songs I recommend are “See You In L.A., “Broken Soul” and “Ghost in The Sky”         



The WLDLFE is an American indie/pop rock band. Established in 2016, the band currently consists of vocalist Jansen Hogan, Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Carson Hogan, bassist Jack Crane and Drummer Geoffrey Jones.

The band has released three albums and one ep since 2016, with their most recent release being the album “Waking Up Is Hard To Do,2019-2020”

The band also has played shows with artists such as “Betcha”, “Nightly” and “Valley

What I like about their sound is the dreamy vibe, they give off. Up-beat drums, synth and fuzzy guitars. As, you all know I love bands that play with electronics in their music. This band mostly feels like a mix between “James Burki”, “The Band Camino” and “The 1975

Songs I recommend are “New Age Meds” “Addicted” and “All I Ever Do”         



Guardin is the artist alias of American emo rapper/alternative singer-songwriter Nick Kerr. Nick got his start as a producer through soundcloud but started writing and recording his own music around 2016.

Since then, he has been quite productive, with over 40 singles and two full length albums behind his name, including a PVRIS feature.

He also shared the stage with acts such as “GUCCIHIGHWATERS” “Shinigami” and “Carousel Kings”

What I like about their sound is his use of trap like electronics, together with unexpected uses of Ukulele, pop punk style guitars, fast rapping and poppy vocals. Every song is a total new experience, which keeps his sound fresh and outside of the box. I can’t really compare him with anyone as he mixes such a wide variety of styles.      

Songs I recommend are “I Think you’re really cool”, “the viper” and “Alive”         

Arrows in Action

Arrows in Action

Arrows in Action is a pop punk/power pop band from the United States. Formed somewhere around 2017, the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Victor Viramontes-Pattison, guitarist Matt Fowler, bassist Tony Farah and drummer Jesse Frimmel.

The band has 7 singles and two eps released thus far, with their most recent release being the 2020 single “Honey”

The band also has played gigs with bands such as “Masked Intruder”, “FELICITY” and “Outatime!” other achievements of the band include working with All Time Low’s Rian Dawson on their song “Close Enough” and a feature in Alternative Press Magazine.   

What I like about their sound are their pop hooks, with they combine with fast loud guitars, electronic effects and synths. In a way they embody the new wave of pop punk and remind me of a combination of “SHADED” “State Champs” and “Waterparks” but also feel like a new “Oh, Weatherly”

Songs I recommend are “Failing on Purpose”, “This Time” and “Close Enough”        

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