Release Radar #43

It’s a new week and that means, time for some fresh tunes. Let’s get into this weeks release radar.  

Twenty-Two- Mascots

Twenty-Two- Mascots

Opening with slow guitars and soft vocals, the song kicks off on the first verse, with loud drums and fast heavy guitars. Giving more power vocally the band builds up into the Chorus. Leaning more on the instrumentals on the bridge the band gives a short break before going into the second chorus and ending the song with an emotional ending.

Lyrically the song describes mental issues and how the life of the protagonist is spiraling out of control with a fall into addiction.   

What I like about this song is the emotional ending of the song, and the powerful vocals it features.   

21st Century Vampire – Lil Huddy

21st Century Vampire – Lil Huddy

Starting of with muted electric guitar, vocals are quickly added. On the first verse the guitar goes full out and drums are added. The vocals have a slight electronic tone to it going from verse to chorus. The bridge goes for guitar solos and drums with echoing vocals. The Song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song describe, insomnia and feeling like a vampire because you live more at night.

What I like About this song are the upbeat instrumentals and pop sensible lyrics.  

Dying To Know- Justin Courtney Pierre

Dying To Know- Justin Courtney Pierre

Fading in with electronic effects, the song quickly adds drums, guitar, and vocals. Having vocal lines quickly alternating between soft and loud. The song throws in a short bridge, gets back in its soft spot and then just ends.   

Lyrically the song talks about a girl and the protagonist wanting to know or dying to know who she is.

What I like About this song is the contrast between loud and soft the song seems to use and the fast guitars that are used. The song can best be described as short and sweet.

I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great – As December Falls

I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Great – As December falls

Kicking of with fast, loud, and distorted guitars the song get’s a little slower on the instrumentation at the first verse. Muting guitars fill the pre-chorus before the band goes all out on the chorus. The second verse largely follows the blue print of the first verse and gets into the chorus just the same. The bridge goes all out with its guitar solos before taking thing slower and hanging more on drums and guitar. Making it’s way back to one last chorus the band uses gang vocals and contrasting loud and soft tones.

Lyrically the song describes a feeling of melancholy, with the protagonist proclaiming she can’t understand way people like feeling great.

What I like about this song is the fast-pace nature it has and the amazing vocals that are featured.   

Full Course Meal – Jessie Paege

Full Course Meal – Jessie Paege

Starting of with deep bass lines, Jessie’s vocals quickly thrown into the mix, together with electronic beats. The chorus is introduced by dreamy vocal lines and fuzzy beats. Getting back in some more dreamy vocals on the second verse. it’s quickly time again for the chorus. The bridge makes use of some spoken word from jessie her Youtube videos. The song ends with a mix of spoken word and the chorus.

Lyrically the song is an all out hype up, the song describes Jessie feelings of being an outsider and her road to positivity, ultimately proclaiming “I’m not a snack, I’m a Full Course Meal”  

What I like about this are the hot beats and sing along lyrics featured on the chorus and the positive message that is behind the lyrics.  

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