Top 15 Albums of 2020 Part 3/3

There least but not least, here is are the last 5 albums of my top 15 albums of 2020. Let’s dive right in.  

11 You’ll be Fine- Hot Mulligan (released 6-3-2020)  

You’ll be Fine- Hot Mulligan

The second studio album by the Michigan pop punk band, on “You’ll be Fine” the band elaborates and expanses on the sound of their first album, “Pilot”  adding more space and some pop-leaning flavor to their bouncy pop punk

“You’ll be Fine” shows a growth from “Pilot” but also a clear lineage to the album, with mathrock riffs, drums that make you bop your head and the raw and energetic vocals of Tades, and all of this fitted into a pop punk outline,

Lyrically the song talks about the things they hate with the emo scene, such as gatekeepers, clout chasers, the abusers and even themselves a little.

From the math rock riffs of “Og Bule Sky”, the slow tones of “Analog Fade” and the dreamy solos of “The Song Formerly Known As Intro”, “You’ll be fine” shows way “Hot Mulligan” surly is the hottest band in emo.   

My favorite songs of the album are “Og Bule Sky”, “*Equip Sunglasses*” and “Digging In”      

12 Self Care- Yours Truly (released 18-9-2020)

Self Care- Yours Truly

The first full album by the Australian pop punk band, “Self Care” elaborates on the sound of their afterglow Ep and has the band dealing with their sudden exploding career.

Keeping with their one Modern pop punk flavor, the band also shows their power pop chops, introducing plenty of hooks and songs that just keep being stuck in your head. Most of the album isn’t a big evolvement from their afterglow sound, it is a tight continuation and on top of that shows of more of Mikaila her vocal abilities.

Lyrically the record deals more with the imposter syndrome the band is feeling, messy break-ups and the struggles to adjust to the new status the band has.

With the power balled punch of “Composure”, the pop feel of “Vivid Dream” and “Emo tones on “Hall of Me” “Yours Truly” has proven why they eared their quick rise up the ladder of the scene.

My Favorite songs of the album are “Together” “Ghost” and “Glass Houses”   

13 No Good Left to Give – Movements (released 18-9-2020)

No Good Left to Give – Movements

The follow-up to their 2017 album “Feel Something”, “No Good Left to Give” shows how the band has grown since then.

With a sound that hasn’t driven to far from their debut, the band has shown a certain growth with tight drums and bass as the cornerstone of their sound. And even more powerful vocals from Patrick Miranda.

Lyrically the band discusses sexual desperation, Emotional breakdowns, Facing your demons and depression. Which takes the emo subjects of their debut to a darker version but still brings it with a fitting instrumental tone and catchy choruses.

From the dark tones of “In My Blood“, the quick flowing beats of “Garden Eyes” and the piano driven emotions of “No Good Left To Give”  “Movements” has shown to stay on track with their second album.

My Favorite songs of the album are “Skin to Skin”, “Garden Eyes” and “Moonlight Lines”             

14 RAZZMATAZZ– IDKHOW (released 23-10-2020)


After their 2018 release of 1981 Extended Play, the band finally put out a full album, giving us even more of their unique form of Electro/synth pop. Still, holding on to their 80s aesthetics and personas, the release was shouted it in stylized post and retro feels and it did deliver.

Building further on the 80s inspired sound the band pop-leaning songs the band also shows some jazz influences, and overall gives you the feeling of the heyday of synth pop.

Lyrically the songs talk about a myriad of topics, Love, romance, hope, determination and family bonds. As well as some more emotional subjects and songs such as “Nobody Likes The Opening Band” that just pokes fun at the band itself.  

From the rhythmic drums “Leave Me Alone” to the synthetic strings of “New Invention” ,the ‘guest’ feature of Stephen Hawking on “From The Gallows” and the upbeat pop of “Sugar Pills” IDKHOW is bringing the 80’s back.

My favorite songs of the album are “Leave Me Alone”, “Sugar Pills” and “Lights down”        

15 Lie Out Loud- Bloxx   (released 14-8-2020)

Lie Out Loud- Bloxx

The long awaited debut of the British indie pop band, “Lie Out Loud” the band explores the rawer and poppy side of indie rock, going for a catchy sound that keeps stuck in your head.

Mixing pop hooks, indie rock style guitars and catchy choruses has resulted in a album that digs in to your brain and shows of way so much has been expected from “Bloxx” and the band delivers to that promise.

Lyrically the songs mostly talk about broken relationships and heartbreak  

From the stuttering guitars of title track “Lie Out Loud” to the indie summer vibes of “5000 Miles” and the darker rock vibe of “It Won’t Work Out” “Bloxx” has shown that the faith in the band wasn’t misplaced

My favorite songs of the album are “Go Out With You”, “Off My Mind” and It Won’t Work Out”       

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