Top 15 Albums of 2020 Part 1/3

2020 has come to an end so it’s time to take a look back at this years release. Here is part one of my top 15 albums of 2020

1 Pink Elephant- Stand Atlantic (released 7-8-2020)

Pink Elephant- Stand Atlantic

The second album by the Aussie pop punk band. Where, they kept a more traditional pop punk sound on their 2018 album “Skinny Dipping” Pink Elephant is where the band gets more experimental.

The biggest plus for me is how the band integrates synths, vocal effects and other electronic effects to their already solid pop punk sound.

Lyrically the songs are just as emotional as it’s predecessor but coated in more sugar. As the album title suggest the subjects are warped in euphemisms, metaphors and downright hallucinogenic descriptions.    

From the sugary tones of album opener “Like that” to the more electronic driven “wavelength”, the emotional piano driven tones of “Drink to Drown” and jumping tunes of “Hate Me (Sometimes)” this album is filled with bangers and makes me excited for the future of “Stand Atlantic”

My favorite songs of the album are “Hate Me (Sometimes)”, “Blurry” and “Eviligo”    

2 Use Me – PVRIS (released 28-8-2020)

Use Me – PVRIS

The third studio album by American electro/synthpop band PVRIS they do shift more to the electro side of their sound on this release.

This time most of the album seems to not only be written by Lynn Gunn, she also seems to be playing all the instruments.

The personal touch of Lynn can be heard trough out the lyrics as the subject matter revolves around her break-up and how she is fighting autoimmune diseases.

Opening with the almost dance tune like beats of “Gimme a Minute” to the more pop driven “Hallucinations” and eerie tunes of “Old Wounds” this album shows that PVRIS can do both the alternative venues and the clubs with their music

My favorite songs of the album are “Dead Weight”, “Hallucinations” and “Use Me”

3 Wake Up Sunshine – All Time Low (released 3-4-2020)

Wake Up Sunshine

The follow-up to the 80s synth styled “Last Young Renegade” the band seems to be fully back to what the do best, up-beat pop punk.

If you have read more of my blog in the past you will know that “All Time Low” is one of my favorite bands of all time, and “Wake Up Sunshine” has all the elements I was looking for in an “All Time Low” album.

With lyrics that keep stuck in your head the band shows the still have their pop sensibility. The lyrics seem to have more positivism to them but Alex isn’t afraid to get emotional again.

From the sing along opener of “Some Kind of Disaster” to the almost throwback tunes of “Melancholy Kaleidoscope” to the creative features by Blackbear on “Monsters” and “The Band CAMINO” on “Favorite Place” I think it’s safe to say that “All Time Low” is back.

My favorite songs of the album are “Melancholy Kaleidoscope”, “Monsters” and “Clumsy”       

4 All Distortions Are Intentional- Neck Deep (released 24-7-2020)

All Distortions Are Intentional- Neck Deep

The fourth studio release by the Welsh pop punkers, ADAI elaborates on their the experimental sound of their 2017 release “The Peace And The Panic” and takes it into a more 90s alt direction. 

Overall the band seems to step away from their pop punk roots and implement a more pop sound. Which makes that ADAI has some songs that just keep stuck in your head, but where a long way from the heavy hitters on albums such as “Rain in July”

Lyrically the songs have a sugarcoated layer to them but still feel like “Neck Deep” but with even more positivism as the band already has shown. What I do miss are the really heavy songs that previous albums had.

While it’s undeniable that their sound has evolved, ADAI still gives that classic “Neck Deep” but in a 90s alt coating. From album opener “Sonderland” to the upbeats tones of “Telling Stories” and the more pop driven sound of “When You Know” ADAI shows that “Neck Deep” isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound.

My Favorite songs of the album are “Fall”, “Telling Stories” and “Sick Joke”  

5 Brand New Vision – Point North (released 21-8-2020)

Brand New Vision – Point North

The second album by the pop punk/alternative band, “Brand New Vision” shows that they aren’t afraid to do something fresh and implement more than Traditional pop punk into their sound.

On par with bands like “Waterparks” and “Midnight Skies” as I already said when I include the band on “5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out!”. On “Brand New Vision” the band mixes their pop punk sounds of the previous album “A Light in a Dark Place” with electronics and even some Emo rap elements.

Lyrically the band still drives the Emo vibes home, but also shows a clever use of metaphors, which give a fitting theme to the alien sounds of the album.

Showing their expanding sound and influences the album includes guest features on album opener “Brand New Vision” By “DE’WAYNE” and scene main stay “Kellin Quinn” on “Into The Dark”

From the Emo rap influenced “A Million Pieces” to pop punk banger “Lethal” and electronic driven “Nothing Left To Lose”. “Brand New Vision” is “Point North” claim to their place in the scene.

My Favorite songs of the album are “Personal”, “Lethal” and “Be The Same”       

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