Release Radar #31

It’s time for this week’s release radar, let’s get right in to the songs I got ready for you this week.

Rainwalk- Pinksift

Rainwalk- Pinksift

Kicking off with distorted guitars, the band first gives us an instrumental taste before getting into the first verse. The first verse slowly builds their instruments to the chorus and goes all out on the chorus. With more spoken word on the verses, the vocals contrast on the chorus, hitting the high notes. The bridge shows the calm before the storm and slowly build from palm mutes and feedback to guitar shreds.

Lyrically the song talks about building of tension which pull us into anger, described as a friend that acts like they don’t know you.

What I like about this song is the use of feedback noise and loud guitars. Furthermore, there is the contrast between the vocals on the chorus and the verses. And lastly the shreds it ends on.  

Skeletons- Bronnie

Skeletons- Bronnie

Starting right of with the chorus, Bronnie her vocals can be heard with a lone acoustic guitar as instrumentation. A muted acoustic guitar introduces the first verse. Electric guitar and banging drums are introduced on the second chorus. Changing the pace of the song completely the song ends with a soundbite.

Lyrically the song talks about staying in the past and pushing away does who care, because of old scars.

What I like about this song is the combination of acoustic guitar and Bronnie her powerful vocals. Secondly, I like the way the song goes all out and then leads into a soundbite.    

First and Forever – Give Me Up

First and Forever – Give Me Up

The song starts with dark bass and pounding drums, quickly introducing the vocals to the mix on the first verse. Vocally the song keeps in line with the dark tones of the opening. On the chorus the band changes up and adds loud distorted guitars and powerful vocal, giving an emotional tone. The second verse gets back on the darker pad but quickly builds towards the second chorus. The bridge takes it even slower but adds some effects to the mix. One last chorus marks the end of the song.

Lyrically the song deals with the aftermath of a breakup, and the protagonist asking “Just Give Me Up”

What I like about this song is the dark and emotional feeling of the song, sonically it reminds me of an “As It Is” song. Furthermore, I like the contrast between the chorus and verses.    

Just Life- Blü Eyes

Just Life- Blü Eyes

Opening with dreamy synths, the song quickly introduces vocals to the mix. The song slowly adds more beats, building toward the chorus. The chorus goes louder but flows back to a more relaxing pace on the second chorus. The second verse uses the same path back to the chorus. The song ends with some impressive vocal effects and a more prominent acoustic guitar.

Lyrically the song is a letter to Blü Eyes her past self, talking about all the things she would have done differently.         

What I like about this song are the dreamy synth riffs and relaxing pace of the song.

Witch of LA – Camie Llano  

Witch of LA – Camie Llano

starting with the effect of an opening door, the song slowly builds up with dark bass beats and vocals. The first verse flows on these dark bass and snapping beats. The chorus introduces a rawer side to the vocals and quick flowing instrumentals. The second verse keeps its instrumentation, but lets Camie show the full range of her vocals. Flowing back into a second chorus the song breaks things up on the bridge and uses vocal effects to introduce one last chorus on which the song ends.

Lyrically the song talks about Camie putting a curse on the listener and referring to herself as the “Witch of LA” Which makes the song a fitting release for October.

What I like about this song are the contrasting changes between the verse and the chorus. As well as the hook that is within the chorus.    

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