Release Radar #19

You know the drill, it’s Friday and I got 5 new songs on my Release Radar.

Bloodshot – As Within, So Without

Bloodshot – As Within, So Without

Kicking off with heavy guitars, pounding drums and growling vocals, get heavy first and introduces grunting vocals during the first verse. The song takes it a notch faster in the second half of the first before getting you headbanging with machinegun like guitars. On the chorus the song takes it a little slower and introduces clean vocals to the mix. The second verse gets back with riffing guitars and grunting vocals, before using a stutter effect to introduce the bridge. On the bridge itself the band gets into a full breakdown slowly flowing into a calm part filled with clean vocals. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song describes a perspective of slowly wasting away and the feeling of going on a path of self-destruction

What I like about this song is the breakdown part and the overall heavy guitars, further more the contrast between grunting verses and clean choruses stands out to me.   

Lovely – dying in designer

Lovely – dying in designer

Opening with a dreamy acoustic guitar this song has a more lo-fi feel to it introducing rapping vocals almost directly into the mix the song keeps its dream vibe throughout the song but introduces layering vocal effects to spice things up. The song ends with an outro of acoustic guitar and clicking beats.

Lyrically the song describes the feeling of longing to be love, mostly cemented in the chorus where dying in designer tells he just wants to feel lovely.

What I like about this song, while this song is a change from my usual tastes, I really like the flow of the song and the dreamy and relaxing vibe it gives.    

I Wish – Calva Louise

I Wish – Calva Louise

Starting off with the sound of an airhorn, the band quickly adds electronic drums and vocals with a more electric effect. On the second part of the first verse the band kicks the song into high gear mixing in fast guitars and louder vocals. The chorus gets dreamier, introducing slower guitar and calmer vocals and even ending with echo effects added to the vocals. On the bridge gets more to its electronic side before getting faster again and flowing to one last chorus. The song ends with a mix of electronics and vocals.

Lyrically the songs describe a feeling of being done running, and wanting to get clean with how you are doing.

What I like about this song is the energetic vibe I get from it, with Jess her vocals giving the song a bubblegum pop edge.     

Saferoom – Marked;life

Saferoom – Marked;life

Kicking right of with screaming vocals and heavy hitting guitars, the first verse of the songs keeps a beating rhythm. On the chorus the band gets into a more breakdown instrumentation. The second verse is opened with a mosh call together with grunting vocals and chugging guitars before flowing into more electronic horror effects. The song kicks back again with the chorus ending the song with bouncing guitars and pounding drums.

Lyrically the song talks about breaking the circle and needing a saferoom.

What I like about this song is how it kicks off immediately and keeps coming with heavy vocals and bouncy riffs.  

Crying Over You -The Band Camino Ft Chelsea Cutler

Crying Over You -The Band Camino Ft Chelsea Cutler

This song opens with calming acoustic guitar and introduces Chelsea her vocals in the first verse. Keeping with the dreamy and calming vibe piano is slowly added into the mix. The second verse introduces Jeffrey his vocals following the same relaxing flow. The song ends with a third verse on which Chelsea and Jeffreys vocals are mixed. The song ends with the last line of this verse.

Lyrically the song is some sort of an break up announcement, telling the listener that their fed up and rather be crying than be with you. Or as worded in the song “I choose crying over you”.  

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