5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out! : July 2020

It’s the end of the month again and I got 5 more bands to add to your playlist, let’s get right to this month’s 5 bands I Think You Should Check Out.  

Snow Coats

Snow Coats

Snow Coats is a Dutch indie-folkband, formed around 2017 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Anouk van de Kemp, guitarist Daan Ebbers, bassist Frank Peters and drummer Joost Ebbers.

The band has released one album “Take the Weight off Your Shoulders” (2018) and a couple of singles thus far. Other achievements include opening slots for such acts as “Sea Girls” “Pinegrove” as well as a place on the bill of 2019s Mañana Mañana Festival.

What I like about their sound is the pop sensibility which keeps their songs stuck in your head.

Songs I recommend are “Pool Girl”, “So Sincere” and “Heartstrings”         

Sad luv

Sad Luv

Sad luv is the alter ego of British sing and song writer Brandon Hargrave, which you may know as the former keyboard and guitar player for indie-pop band FRANKLIN. Hargrave left FRANKLIN in 2017 to pursue a solo career under the alter ego Maurice Amour. As Maurice Amour he released his debut album in early 2019 and was quickly picked up by the BBC. Since this first release his style chanced somewhat and he took the moniker Sad Luv.

There are currently two albums released under the name Sad Luv, “People Change” (2019) and “Somebody Else” (2020) as well as a couple of singles.

Other achievements of Hargrave include co-writing FRANKLIN’s hit “Causes”, an opening slot for acts such as The Overslept, Mike Dignam and recognition by publications such as “It’s All Indie”

What I like about his sound is the dreamy vibe I get from it, as you know I love the combination of electronic and traditional instruments which is used perfectly by sad luv to create his electropop sound.

Songs I recommend are “Next Tuesday” “Psycho!” and “Talk!”      



Melwood is an UK based alternative rock/pop punk band, established in early 2018 the five-piece currently consists of vocalist Tom Shortell, guitarist Josh McShane, guitarist Eddie Edwards, bassist Nathan Morton-Woods and drummer Benny Hoggarth.

So far, the band has released a couple of singles and one self-titled Ep which came out this year. On the touring side of things, the band has toured the UK several times alongside acts like “RCKLSS”, “Out Cold Evade Escape” and “Evertim” and also played a show with Woes and one of my favorite artists Bronnie.

What I like about their sound is the more emotional pop punk sound I get from them, which reminds me of Early “WSTR” and “Seaway”

Songs I recommend are “Amsterdam ft Kiani Geldard”, “Heavy Breathing” and “Wither”   



Valley is a Canadian alternative/indie pop band, founded in 2014 the four-piece currently consists of vocalist Karah James, guitarist/vocalist Rob Laska, bassist Alex Dimauro and drummer/guitarist Michael Brandolino.

The band has released a couple of singles and two albums “This Room Is White” (2016) and “MAYBE” (2019).

On the touring side of things, the band has played alongside the likes of “The Band Camino”, “Wyland” and “The Wldlife”

Other achievements of the band include winning the 2020 Juno award for Breakthrough group of the year.

What I like about their sound is the dreamy electronic pop vibes, as always, I like bands that combine electronics with more traditional instruments furthermore I like the way Karah and Rob’s vocals complement each other.

Songs I recommend are “Nevermind” “A Phone Call in Amsterdam” and “Soldier”    

College Radio

college radio

College Radio an American pop punk four-piece, formed around 2018 the band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Gordon McPherson, guitarist Taylor Saulness, Bassist Evan Stewart and Drummer Cody Sanders.

The band has released a hand full of singles thus far, with “Shine On” being their most recent release.

On the touring side of things, the band has shared the stage with the likes of “Homesafe”, “All Hype” “Can’t Swim” and a future opening slot for “Nerf Herder”

What I like about their sound is the old school pop punk vibe I get from it as well as the more nerd rock influences. They remind me of a mix of “Weezer” “Green Day” and “The Offspring

Songs I recommend are “Northwest” “Comatose” and “Anthem of Tomorrow”       

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