Release Radar #18

Its time for this week’s release radar, so let’s get into this week’s line-up

Paralyzed- Girlsgirlsgirls

Paralyzed- Girlsgirlsgirls

Opening with a combination of guitar, drums, electronic effects and glitchy vocal effects. The song chooses more traditional instruments on the first verse together with a calming vocal flow. The chorus opens with a short effect before getting a louder instrumentation and adding a second vocalist into the mix. The opening of the second verse is a repeat of the opening of the song, but the verse itself has a slower instrumentation. The same short effect is used to open the second chorus. The song than flows into the bridge which is filled with a pounding drum and slow strumming guitar, together with vocals an electronic effect is added before the instrumentation of the opening is repeated and the song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song seems to be talking about being ready for a relationship but still messing it up or getting cold feet.

What I like about this song is to no surprise the combination of electronics with traditional instruments, but secondly the vocals and delivery are just as nice. 

Sick Joke – Neck Deep

Sick Joke – Neck Deep

Kicking right of with pounding drums and distorted guitars, the songs slows down as Ben’s vocals are added to the mix. During the first verse the vocals have a quick flow to them. The verse transitions to the chorus with the bang of the drums and takes it up a notch by adding a heavily distorted guitar. The second verse gets back to a more calming flow. Quickly jumping back to the chorus, the song gets dreamier on the bridge before going for a bang with guitar solos and pounding drums. To end the bridge the song does one last contrasting switch to an acoustic part. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song describes a feeling of dread, and almost like an existential crisis, with one recurring question: is life al a sick joke?

What I like about this song is the slow dreamy vibe, while the song feels more like a 90s alternative song than a pop punk song it still has plenty of energy.

Carried Away – Two and a Half Girl

Carried Away – Two and a Half Girl

Starting off with pounding drums and heavy guitars, the first verse features a mix of raw male and female vocals. The song gets to the chorus with a bang and adds grunting vocals to the mix. The second verse mirrors the first but introduces a soloing guitar to the mix. Kicking it up a notch the band gets to the chorus again before it is time for the breakdown featuring heavy guitars, banging drums and raw vocals and proceeds to add face melting shreds. The song ends on a one last chorus with more shred.

Lyrically the song is an ode rock, and how it gets you carried away.   

What I like about this song is that its raw and heavy. The sound reminds me of bands like the foo fighters.

Batshit – Lights ft Myth  

Batshit – Lights ft Myth

Opening with calming vocals and soft electronic beats, lights her voice slowly build to the drop where more electronic bass is added. During the second part of the song a more traditional keyboard can be heard as well as vocals effects layered on top. The end of the song adds snaps to the beat before building to one last drop on the bridge, more electronic sound’s makeup the beat on this part before the almost all are removed and only the snap track and lights her voice remains.

Lyrically the song is talking about being as the title implies batshit.

What I like about this song is the calming rhythm it has to it. Sonically it has the perfect summer sound even through its more to the electronic side than usual for me.          

Hate/Love – Eskimo Callboy

Hate/Love – Eskimo Callboy

Opening with dreadful guitars and electronic effects, the song introduces a quick vocal flow before adding grunting vocals and faster guitar. On the chorus the guitar gets more distorted and harsher vocals are added. The second verse flows the same vocals flow as the first. The song kicks back into the chorus before getting to the bridge which is filled 8-bit effects and seamlessly flows into a breakdown. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically like the title suggests, the song describes a love/hate relationship

What I like about this song is mostly the chorus which has a flow and tone to it that keeps stuck in your head.          

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