Release Radar #17

It’s time for this week’s release radar, so lets get into the five songs I got lined up this week!

Personal-Point North

Personal-Point North

Getting right into the first verse, the vocals are accompanied by faint guitars and electronics. The song gives a break during which more guitars and drums are added but then jumps right back for a second part of the verse. The chorus added real drums and louder guitars but also keeps in some of the electronic elements. The second verse follows the same pattern as the first and builds to a louder chorus again. The song ends with one last chorus, lengthened by an outro consisting of electronic vocal effects.

Lyrically the song can be read a clap back at someone trying the use you, telling them you know what they’re doing and that you don’t need them.

What I like about this song is the calming nature and like I stated many times before, I’m a big fan of the use of synths and electronics in combination to traditional instruments.         

Clandestine- Weigh the Anchor

Clandestine- Weigh the Anchor

This song opens with the verse and immediately gives you a typical pop punk feel. Distorted vocals and crunchy guitars combined with pounding drums. The second part of the first verse gets a little more punch before the chorus comes around which is filled with even more guitar and drums. The second verse speeds things up to than make a 180 and introduce the second chorus with a short acoustic sniped. On the bridge the band goes in a more breakdown direction before mirroring the opening of the song. With one last chorus and an acoustic outro the song comes to an end.

Lyrically the song talks about getting out of suffering.

What I like about this song is the modern pop punk feel I get from it, loud guitar, pounding drums and a chorus that gets stuck in your head.

I Revolve (Around You) – Neck Deep

I Revolve (Around You) – Neck Deep

Opening right up with Ben his vocals the band adds a slow strumming guitar and rhythmic drums. Steadily getting through the first verse. The chorus gives the same relaxing pop vibe as the verse but adds more guitar. The second verse opens the same way the song as the first verse and flows to the chorus in the same way as well. The second chorus ends with a longer guitar solo before introducing the bridge which takes things a little louder. The song ends with one last chorus and some vocal effects on the outro.

Lyrically the song is a love song but mixes things up by using, planets and orbit as metaphor for attraction.

What I like about this song is the smooth pop vibe, while heaving some heavier instruments this song feels more like a dreamy pop song than a pop punk song.     

I Found You – Cambridge

I Found You – Cambridge

This song has a more instrumental intro and opens with guitar and drums before introducing the vocals. The band starts the first verse of dreamy, before going full acoustic in the second half of the verse which makes the chorus stand out even more, as the electric instruments are re-introduced. Ending the first chorus with a short guitar solo, the band gets louder on the second verse. Turning it up full on at the end of the second verse and the bridge the band gets back to the acoustics towards the end of the song. Using the acoustics as a jumping board the make the end and last chorus of the song sound even more energetic.

Lyrically the song describes feeling better because you found the right person, metaphorically describing it as a change of seasons.  

What I like about this song, is the dreamy but energetic overall sound, I would have like the song to keep more of this energy as the acoustic break where nice but took the swing out of it.    

Sailors – All at Once

Sailors – All at Once

Opening with glitchy electronic sounds the band slowly adds electronic drums, bass and vocals before adding more traditional electric guitars. Right before the first chorus the song gets a little softer introduces piano to the mix before turning it up on the chorus itself. The second verse uses traditional electric guitar bass and drums and quickly flows the second chorus. The bridge mirrors the opening of the song and has more electronic instrumentals. The song ends by kicking it up during one last chorus and having the outro filled with the same electronics again.

Lyrically the song is about following your dreams, describing it as being a sailor that keeps sailing to get to its goal.  

What I like about this song is again the mix of electronic elements with more traditional instruments, furthermore I like the pure energy that comes from the chorus.       

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