Release Rader #11

This week seems to be filled with releases again, so lets dive right into the Release Radar.

Together- Osatia

Together- Osatia

Starting off with a few piano notes before getting up to speed with loud guitars and pounding drums. The first verse introduces light and calm vocals into this mix, which get more powerful on the chorus. The second verse uses pounding drums in a typical pop punk rhythm to open and an alternating vocal dynamic is introduced, which complements the calm vocals with heavy grunting. The song jumps back to the chorus before getting in to a breakdown like bridge. Ultimately ending on one last chorus.

Lyrically the song is about building trust together and talks about being lost but finding a way, asking the other person to take a chance with them.

What I like about this song is the combination of pop punk and post hardcore. The instrumentals scream pop punk with a modern spin, while the vocals remind me of old “Sleeping With Sirens

Smiley Face – Without Andrew

Smiley Face – Without Andrew

Fading in with heavy guitars before picking up the paces and adding loud drums into the mix. The song gets into fast powerchord riffs which accompany the vocals on the first verse. The song adds gang vocals into the mix on the chorus and keeps adding multiple vocalists on the second verse. On the instrumental side, chorus gets more bass heavy contrasting with the verses.  The bridge is announced by a sudden instrumental stop before a lone guitar riff is heard, making way higher and longer stretched vocals. A moment of calm is then reached before the song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song basically is calling someone out, for taking out their problems on other people.

What I like about this song are the combination of vocals and the guitar riffs that accompany the verses, which do remind me of “My Chemical Romance”  

R U the Same – Bronnie

R U the Same – Bronnie

Opening with a combination of electronic sounds and heavy drums, the song slowly builds on the first verse adding more guitars during the chorus. Getting back to the electronics combined with guitars on the second verse. Slowly and ominously building towards the chorus again. The song then switches things up on the bridge filling it with a combination of guitars and gang vocals. The song ends on one last chorus which is lengthen with more powerful vocals from Bronnie.

Lyrically the song basically calls out the haters and tells them they are the problem.

What I like about this song is the alternating between loud choruses and softer verses. Furthermore, I think this new darker and more rock driven sound works wonderful with Bronnie her raw and powerful voice.     

Fair- Weather Friend- Royals

Fair- Weather Friend- Royals

This song kicks right in with the vocals, supported with pounding drums and distorted guitars. The first verse feels fast and the song kicks it up a notch with a rhythmic chorus. The song holds on to its speed getting into the second verse.  The second chorus kicks in after this. On the bridge the song changes this up by introducing more electronic sounding elements. Ending with softer vocals before jumping up with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song talks about not needing a Fair-Weather friend, basically asking where said friend was during bad times before telling this friend that he isn’t needed.

What I like about this song is the typical pop punk vibe I get from it. This is pop punk at its best and it reminds me of “Life’s Not Out to Get You” era “Neck Deep”   

We Want You- We Set Signals

We Want You- We Set Signals

The song opens with ominous sounding guitars complemented with a distant air siren. Right after this opening grunting vocals kick the song up and loud guitars and drums accompany these heavy vocals. On the chorus the song keeps the pace going but switch to clean vocals and the guitars getting a lighter vibe. The second verse kicks right back with louder drums and a return of the grunting vocals. Instrumental a sort breakdown is hear in the second verse before the song gets back to the chorus. The song gets from the second chorus into a bridge in with distant clean vocals are heard and the air siren is re-introduced. Before almost marching like drums are heard building up and accompanied by grunting vocals again. The song gets into a full breakdown before ending with the same grunting vocals.

Lyrically the song is talking about being the last one standing and seeing the end while no one believes you.

What I like about this song is the heaviness. This song kicks up from start to finish. The alternation between grunting and clean vocals remind me of bands like “Wage War

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