Release Radar #10

Its time to take a look at this week’s new tunes, let’s get into the Release Radar

Out of Reach- Royals

Out of Reach- Royals

Kicking right in with the guitars and drums the song is flourishing with energy with it holds even on the first verse. Taking it up a notch by the first chorus. With the start of the second verse, there is more power behind the vocals. After the second chorus the song gets into a more electronic driven part, with added vocal effects. Jumping up to one last chorus which introduces gang vocals into the mix before ending on a repeat of the chorus.

Lyrically the song is about following your dreams and kind of an encouragement to not give up.

What I like about this song is the energy and emotion that is laid into the vocals in the song, together with a typical UK pop punk sound.  

Wolf Boy-Incase We Crash

Wolf Boy-Incase We Crash

Opening with a guitar tremolo effect and goes from a happy guitar tune a more emo style slow guitar riff on the start of the first verse. The song uses guitar and drum intervals to build energy to the chorus. The chorus itself is filled with typical pop punk energy.  The song shortly gets lower paced before jumping right back to the energy on the second verse. Mirroring the first verse, the second verse gets back to the chorus. The bridge is filled with guitars and drums before reintroducing vocals back going from slow to full energy. The song ends with one last chorus.

Lyrically the song is basically calling someone out for saying there different but just following the herd  

What I like about this song is the modern pop punk energy the song gives. Reminding me of bands like “State Champs” and “Neck Deep

In the Morning-Teen Idle

In the Morning-Teen Idle

The song starts with a lonely acoustic guitar being gently strummed before introducing two mixing vocals on the first verse. Right after the first verse, drums are introduced into the track and the song picks up more energy from there by adding an electric guitar and getting more up tempo. The song gets back to its original pacing to start a second verse. Getting through in its relaxing tempo slowly building to more loudness and ending with the same gentle guitar.

Lyrically the song describes not wanting to let go, or better said not wanting to say goodbye.

What I like about this song is the relaxing rhythm and on top of that the hypnotic vocals.

Mind Reading – These People

Mind Reading – These People

This song uses a combination of soundbites and ominous rhythms before introducing an acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals. Following a steady flow through the song ,it seamlessly gets from chorus to vocals and back. The song ends on a guitar solo Fading out.

Lyrically the song talks about setting aside differences. How easy would it be if we could mind read to better understand each other?  

What I like about this song is the dark and dreamy nature it has, which reminds me of in some way of “Ghost Town” by “The Specials”



The song opens with a combination of beats and snaps slowly adding vocals and other instruments to the mix. The song has a relaxing atmosphere. On the start of the first chorus the band introduces more beats before getting more guitar heavy. The song gets back to the beats and snaps on the start of the second verse and gets more guitars in before getting beat heavy on the start of the next chorus. The song gets higher vocally before getting back to one last chorus.

Lyrically the song is basically about a break up, using the metaphor killed in action to describe the feeling.

What I like about this song, is the summer vibes I get from it, defiantly will put it on my summer playlist.

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