Release Radar #5

Getting new songs and albums almost every week now, it’s time for another release radar  

Math The Band -Wet Cement

Math The Band -Wet Cement

The song kicks off with a combination rhythmic drums and glitchy electronic sounds before bursting in happy high-pitched synths. After a lengthy intro section, the band gets into the first verse accompanied by pop punk style drums and guitars two singers can be heard. Building to a louder chorus, the synths can be heard getting back in with their Nintendo like sound. Right out of the first chorus the band gets a little bit softer again and mirrors the combination of drums and synths from the intro if the song. Getting to the second verse an of key voice can be heard before the singers are heard again. A short pause serves as the bridge to the second chorus. The song ends with a synth filled bridge before mirroring the intro one last time.

Lyrically the song mostly describes the unwillingness to be alone, so while the song sounds happy, the lyrics paint a more emotional story.

What I like about the song are the Nintendo style synths, which you can aspect from a band that’s well-known in their influence on the Nintendocore scene.   


Jurre-Blue (originally by Keshi)   

Jurre-Blue (originally by Keshi)   

Starting off with a dreamy acoustic guitar, before getting the first chorus sung by a calm Jurre, the song seamlessly flows form chorus to verse and back. This all with a constant and relaxing combination of acoustic guitar and beats.

Lyrically the song is about handling with changes and feeling fine even when people think you shouldn’t.

What I like most about this song is the relaxing vibe I get from it. It’s something to dream away to on a sunny day.     

Knuckle Puck -RSVP

Knuckle Puck -RSVP

Getting right into it with syncing guitars, the song gets to the first verse after a short intro. Alternating vocal before getting in sync the band builds up to the first chorus. The song then repeats the same structure as with the intro but this time having a silent moment before getting back in with the chorus. In the bridge the song introduces a distorted guitar in combination with some scratching noises. Lastly the song switches to the chorus again ending with an instrumental play out.

Lyrically the song feels like a letter to someone who didn’t believe in the band, with lyrics reflecting on the pointing of flaws and ending with the notion that the person in question won’t be missed  

What I like about this song is the energy that you can feel behind it, to make it short you want to jump along to it.

Seconds Late- Same Old Stories

Seconds Late- Same Old Stories

Starting of with a happy and fast riff, the song gets into the first verse quite quickly and just as quickly gets into the chorus sung by two vocalists. The first chorus ends with a repeat of the intro getting into the second verse quickly but this time it takes longer to get to the chorus. The song has a longer bridge filled with guitars and gets to the third verse. The last chorus is introduced by distorted vocals and ends the song.  

Lyrically the song describes the feeling of having made it and being sick of the stories about the old you.    

What I like about this song is the pure pop punk feel it has, fast guitars and a chorus that stays stuck in your head.

The Hearted – No Tomorrow

The Hearted – No Tomorrow

Starting with an acoustic riff, the first verse is brought with an emotional sounding voice which gets higher on the introduction of the first chorus. The second verse switches it up by introducing the female vocals into the song, again building to the chorus this time sung by both vocalists. The song then breaks into a bridge that introduces electric instruments into the song, ending with an alternating chorus.

Lyrically the song is themed around mental health issues, and the point of no return.

What I like about this song is the emotional side you can feel in it.   

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