Release Rader #4

This week was released filled again, so let’s take a look in this week’s release radar

Crystalline- Til the Sun Comes Up

Crystalline- Til the Sun Comes Up

The song immediately starts off with Eva her vocals accompanied by some dark bass tones. The song builds of intensity after its opening by slowly introducing more instruments beginning with drums. The guitar gets added right before the first chorus during which Eva her voice gets less calm and louder, hitting higher notes.

During the second verse the vibe gets calmly again and the bass is featured more prominently again. In a mirror of the first verse the song builds up again to the chorus ones again. The song switches to a guitar filled bridge to than dial down in tone completely. The song ends on the band member chanting before the chorus comes around one last time.    

Lyrically the song talks about the slew of life, feeling that every day is feeling the same. The song than urges the listener to search for what’s missing in their life.

What I like most about this song are the bass heavy parts.  

Neck Deep- When You Know

Neck Deep- When You Know

The song kicks off with Ben’s vocals and an acoustic guitar, giving away a mellow and slower vibe. The song than gets louder and introduces an electric guitar and getting to the first verse. The band than seamlessly switches to the chorus. The second verse is accompanied by a combination of electric and acoustic guitar. When the band gets to the second chorus it is lengthen and in typical Neck Deep fashion get to the bridge with, a slight stop. Getting to a more distorted sound, hearing Ben’s vocals further away. The song ends on an energetic last chorus to end on exactly the last word.   

Lyrically the song describes the feeling of not belonging but being happy together.

This song gives me a british pop vibe but also has some typically Neck Deep elements    


Man Overboard- Lifeline

Man Overboard- Lifeline

Starting of with a drippy guitar and Zac’s vocals sounding further away. The song gets some more guitar and drums added before the first full verse. The band gets into the first chorus in one smooth move. the second verse and chorus are just as consistent.

The band than gets into a bridge where Zac’s voice is distorted again and only a guitar can be heard. Slowly the drums are added and you can hear Zac’s vocals are getting louder together with the guitar. The song ends on shard vocals between Zac and Nik and a hard stop  

Lyrically the song describes the feeling of reuniting with someone you used to love.

For me, this song feels like old school Man Overboard, sad but stuck in your head.


Yours Truly-Composure

Yours Truly-Composure

The song fades in with loud guitars and hard-hitting drums, then gets a little less loud to accompany Mikaila her strong vocals. After the first verse the band gets to the chorus by distorting Mikaila her vocals for a short moment to then get to full power again. The second verse is started by a drum break to then get to a chord driven guitar. The band then seamlessly gets into the second chorus. The song ends with the last verse and chorus that feel like one seamless part to end on a vibrating string.  

Lyrically the song describes a relationship that has ended and holding a grudge against the other person.

I think this song is a little more on the energetic side. Lyrically I think it is interesting to hear a break up song a that a little angrier.  

Alestorm- Treasure Chest Party Quest

Alestorm- Treasure Chest Party Quest

This song starts of with heavy guitars, reminisced of 80s rock Chris his lines get alternated with the loud guitar. The band gets to the first chorus by adding an accordion and giving the song the typical pirate sound. The second verse starts off with a synth solo. The song gets into the alternating vocal style again. Uninterruptedly switching into the second chorus. The band gets into a violin filled bridge before using some wacky sound effects getting into a grunted verse. Ending with one last chorus.   

Lyrically the song describes the pirate lives of the band, during which they off course like to party and drink rum.

This song is more of a fun party song to sing along to with your friends

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