Release Radar #3

This week was filled awesome releases, so let’s dive into this week’s Release Radar.

The Spvrk -549

The Spvrk -549

Opening with a dreamy guitar line the song gets to the first verse which is sung by guitarist Rinus, the song then gets to the first chorus by building up the guitar and drum to an emotional gang vocal filled top. The song gets to the guitar again and switches right into the second verse which has a little more punch to it with Rinus screaming part of the lyrics. Dripping into the next chorus that is sung by both Rinus and Hannah. The song then breaks to a bridge filled with a distorted guitar and gets into the final chorus.

Lyrically the song is about missing someone but being too proud to admit it, combined with all the frustration of losing contact with someone you love. A theme very fitting for these times.   

While this song is more on the emotional side, it gives the vibe to listen to on a rainy day.

Mothra Stewart- Bellwether

Mothra Stewart- Bellwether

 Starting off with dreamy vocals and distorted guitar chords. The songs keeps its mellow and dreamy atmosphere throughout its 3.10 duration. Making it a relaxing song worthy of the name Dream pop.

Lyrically the song deals with a heartbreak and a world that seems to be going crazy. A massage that is perfect for this time.

Bellwether is part of Mothra Stewards new Ep “The Times AI a-Changin” set to release May 1st


Over You- Bronnie

Over You- Bronnie

The song opens with a fade in to then start the first verse carried by pounding drums and palmmuted guitars then builds energy in the chorus in a retro pop punk way ending in some high notes. The song gets a little louder in the first verse and again builds up to an explosion of energy on the chorus. The guitar and drums get a short moment of their own before Bronnie’s energetic voice enters the picture again combined with backing vocals, seamlessly getting to the last chorus ending on last explosion of energy.

Lyrically the song describes exactly what the title suggests getting over someone.  

While this song is a little slower than most Bronnie material, it still has quit a punch, the loud drums and guitar are a perfect match with Bronnie her rawer vocals. Surly a song to jump around to.  


Wolves- Emma Blackery

Wolves- Emma Blackery

This song kicks of with 80s Style synths, to then introduce the voice of Emma With the first verse, the chorus builds itself up to a synth pop style top and then mellows down for the second verse, the second verse has Emma hitting some high notes to then build up to the top of the chorus again. The last chorus the song has a synth filled bridge then gets to the last chorus that ends the song with a high note.

Lyrically the song is about standing your ground and not giving up, metaphorically symbolized by a fight with wolves.

The song gives me major 80s vibes, and is a nice synthpop hit to listen to on a summer day.


Plasticine Dreams-Boston Manor

Plasticine Dreams-Boston Manor

Starting off with trembling guitars then introducing the first verse and getting louder for the start of the chorus. The chorus gets a little more mellow and seamlessly switches to the second verse. There is a second build up to the chorus mirroring the start of the song. The bridge of the song is more guitar driven to then have the start of the chorus again but now starting with almost no instruments to build up to the guitar filled end.

Lyrically the song deals with the negative aspects of stardom.

Sonically the song does give me an oasis vibe, the Dreamy and distorted sound gives it the perfect sound to hang out in the sun to.

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