Release Radar #1

As there will be less show reports from me for I while, I decided to share my thoughts on some singles that are on my Spotify release radar for this month. Let’s dive right in.

Loose Cannon-FRND CRCL

Loose Cannon-FRND CRCL

Starting off with a rhythm of muted powerchords the instrumental flow reminds me of 2000 style pop punk and “Blink 182” in particular. While the vocals and lyrics have a flow that reminds me more of bands like “Sum 41” and “Simple Plan”

While the songs take cues from 2000 style pop punk, the band also gives it a modern spin, which gives the song a modern pop vibe with lyrics that get stuck in your head.

I have put this song in my daily playlist and I can’t wait until the full album comes out on May first. Until then check out this awesome new release by “Frnd Crcl”

Push- Jason Waterfalls

Push- Jason Waterfalls

Starting off with electronic driven beat, combined with a distorted and guitar driven sound. This single has a hard-hitting electro rock vibe.

The song you would most certainly rock out to of you are a fan of bands such as “Don Broco”

For Jason Waterfalls this show the new direction in which their sound will go, I’m curious how it will show on their Ep “Pillars” due to release the 27th of March.

All Time Low- Wake Up Sunshine

If you read my blog regularly, you know that All Time Low is one of my favorite bands of All Time. Neutrally I’m excited when they release new material, so I will share my thoughts on all three singles they have released thus far.     

Getaway Green-All Time Low

On this single the band shows that their back to their signature sound, loud guitar and pop-centric lyrics that keep being stuck in your head.  

Sleeping In-All Time Low

Starting off with a string slide which reminds me of “Blink 182” “Feeling This” the song gets a fast after the opening with a like more. The song also adds loud guitars and punchy drums. Off course I can not forget the lyrical references to Britney spears, and “Last Young Renegades” “Dirty Laundry”     

Some Kind of Disaster- All Time Low

The song starts strong with the chorus and then immediately going to the bass line, it seems that sound wise the band has returned to their alternative rock/pop punk sound. With louder guitars and more distorted vocals and a chorus that keeps being stuck in your head.

All with all these singles show to me that the band still got it.  

Ready to Fall- High Shores  

Ready to Fall- High Shores  

The second release ever of newcomer High Shores, the band shows pop and synthpop prowess by combining synths with distorted guitars into a sing along pop song. With feel sugar sweet, but also emotional. And most certainly will be stuck in your head.      

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