Throwback Tuesday: Seeing Sabaton live for the first time

It’s time for another Throwback Thursday this time I talk about seeing sabaton for the first time in January 2017. Sabaton has been one of my favorite bands for some time so I was more than happy to see them live for the first time.

Like I usually do, lets put some focus on their supporting acts first.

accept @AFAS 29-1-2017


Accept is a heavy metal band from Germany. Being founded in 1976 the band currently consists of vocalist Mark Tornillo, guitarist Wolf Hoffmann, guitarist Uwe Luljs, guitarist Philip Shouse, bassist Martin Motnik and drummer Christopher Williams.

The band has released 15 studio albums, with their most recent release at the time being “The Rise of Chaos”

Notebly the band has opened for bands like “AC/DC” and “Dio” 

Their set was short, but filled with old school rock and roll energy, during their set the played songs like “Restless and Wild”, “Princess of the Dawn” and “Balls to the Wall”

Twilight Force  

Twilight Force is a Swedish symphonic power metal band, founded in 2011 the band currently consists of vocalist Alessandro Conti, guitarist Philip Lindh, guitarist Jocke Leandro Johansson, bassist Dunder Björn Lundqvist, keyboardist Daniel Beckman and drummer Isak Olsson.

The band is mostly known LARP-style performance outfits and their fantasy inspired lyrics. The bands songs are about the lore of a world called The Twilight Kingdoms which was created by Daniel Beckman.

The band had released two albums when I saw them live “Tales of Ancient Prophecies” and “Heroes of Mighty Magic”

Twilight Force made a more theatrical show of their set, going with the theme of their band of course, the band split up the crowed in teams one for the dark wizard (keyboardist Daniel Beckman) and one for vocalist Alessandro Conti which was dressed as an elf. When this teams where made its was of course time to see who could sing the loudest.

They played songs like “Battle of Arcane Might”, “Flight of the Sapphire Dragon” and “The Power of the Ancient Force”

And now Sabaton

Sabaton @afas 29-1-2017

Sabaton is a powermetal band from Sweden, founded in 1999 the band currently consists of vocalist Joakim Brodén, guitarist Chris Rörland, guitarist Tommy Johansson bassist Pär Sundström and drummer Hannes van Dahl

The band was touring to promote the release of their 8th studio album “The Last Stand” at the time of this show

Notably the band has toured with acts like “Iron Maiden”, “Amon Amarth” and “Kreator

Furthermore, the band has won several awards, such as the bandit Rock awards for best Swedish live act.

Sabaton @Afas 29-1-2017

Like always Sabaton started off with a bang, playing “Ghost Division” other highlight includes Joakim playing pop songs on a keyboard, the band dressing as Spartans during their performance of the song “Sparta”

Furthermore they played songs like “Blood of Bannockburn” “The Lost Battalion” and “Primo Victoria”

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