Pvris: A Night Of White Noise ll

Pvris @Melkweg 22-2-2020

Pvris played a show at the Melkweg yesterday, having seen them live ones before I was excited to see them again. This time they brought support from Joywave   


Joywave @melkweg 22-2-2020

Joywave are an indie rock band from Rochester, New York. Founded in 2010 the band currently consist of vocalist/guitarist Daniel Armbruster, guitarist Joseph Morinelli, Keyboardist Benjamin Bailey and Drummer Paul Brenner.

The band has released three albums and a number of Eps. Furthermore, the band has toured with such bands as “Walk the Moon”, “The Killers” and “Thirty Seconds to Mars”     

Their set was shorter than I had expected, but they did warm up the crowd, vocalist Daniel Armbruster made some jokes about going to France, and told the crowd how he asked if their band could open for Pvris. During their set they played songs like “Blastoffff”, “Obsession” and “Tongues”.  


Pvris @Melkweg 22-2-2020

Pvris is a synth pop rock band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Lynn Gunn, guitarist/keyboardist Alex Babinski and bassist Brian MacDonald. They have released two albums thus far “White Noise” (2014) “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell” (2017) and most recently the band released an EP Called Hallucinations.

The band has toured with bands like “Alive like me” and “Mayday Parade”. Furthermore, the band is going on tour with “Halsey” this year.

They started off their set with a bang, diving strait into “What’s Wrong”, “Smoke” and “St. Patrick” after which the crowd was hyped up to get really started, Lynn talked about how great it was to be back in Holland after their one-off show last year

The band got into Songs like “Mirrors” “Heaven” and “Hallucinations” most notably was the performance of “You and I” for which Lynn asked the crowd to put away all phones.

The band closed their set with an encore consisting of “Death of Me” with Lynn standing in the crowd and “My House”    

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