The Band Camino: 2020 UK/EU Tour

The band Camino @melkweg 15-2-2019

Last night The Band Camino played a sold-out show at Melkweg upstairs, being a band, I hadn’t heard much of I decided to broaden my horizons and go see them. They had no supporting band so let us get right to the band itself.

The Band Camino are an indie pop/alternative rock band from Memphis, USA, founded in 2015 the band currently consist of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Jeffrey Jordan, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Spencer Stewart, bassist Graham Rowell and drummer Garrison Burgess

The band Camino @melkweg 15-2-2019

The band has released two Eps and one album thus far “My Thoughts on You” (2016), “Heaven (2017) and “Tryhard (2019)

Notably the band has toured together with bands like “5 Seconds of Summer” and “the 1975”   

The band Camino @melkweg 15-2-2019

Their one-hour set was short but filled with songs that went from mellow to energetic getting the crowed to dance and sing along.

 Having a perfect harmony between vocalist Jeffrey and Spencer the band shows their amazing talent furthermore alternating between guitar driven and synth driven songs the band truly shows a modern synthpop mix.   

The setlist consisted of songs such as, “Farsighted”, “Honest”. “Hush Hush” and “Daphne Blue”


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