5 Bands I Think You Should Check Out: January 2020

Here are this month’s 5 bands I think you should check out  



FRND CRCL is a pop punk four piece from New Jersey, USA. The band consist of vocalist/guitarist/keys player Zac Johnson, vocalist/bassist/keys player Adam Skirvin, Guitarist Dom Giacalone and Drummer Aaron Smith.  

The band has currently released one album “Immuniversity” in 2017, and one EP “Promstarr” in 2018.

the band has played alongside bands like 311 and boys of fall. At the end of 2019 the band released the single “Famous” self produced with help of Taylor Sky

What I like about their sound is the neon pop punk feel I get form it, the band reminds me of a mix of blink 182, All Time Low and Real Friends, combining pop punk with modern pop. 

I’m looking forward to see what they have in store for 2020

Songs I recommend are “The Flip Cup Song” “UnXpTbl” and “Famous”



Dispositions is a Deadcore/Metalcore band from Texas, USA. Founded as an internet project in 2015 the band currently consists of vocalist Cody Hambright, guitarist Ethan Massey, guitarist jameson White, bassist Taylor Gundvaldson and drummer Jeff Funk.

The band has released 6 singles and 1 EP Called “Dead Era”

What I like about their sound is the headbanging quality in the vain of bands like Thy Art is Murder and Wage War.  

Songs I recommend are “For You” “Pitiful” and their cover of Linkin Parks “Qwerty” 

Secret eyes

Secret Eyes

Secret eyes is a alternative rock band from Pennsylvania, USA, the band currently consist of vocalist/guitarist Seth Cooper, guitarist Eric Lewis, bassist/vocalist Brian Caine and drummer Patrick Gallagher.

The band has released two albums “Comatose” in 2015 and “Holding On” in 2019, the band also has opened for “Galactic Empire”

What I like about their sound is the big ambiance, the remind me of bands like “Tonight Alive”, and “Dream State”   

Songs I recommend are “Buried Like Diamonds” “Search and Destroy” “Light The fire” 



Deadships is a hardcore band from Illinois, USA. Founded in 2007, the band is formally known under the name “From All Within” currently the band consist of vocalist David Kvistad, guitarist/vocalist Kyle Church, guitarist/vocalist Kyle Yocum, bassist Kenxi Dupey and drummer Petr Keres

Currently the band has released two albums “The Darkness That Divides Us” in 2016 and “D.O.A” in 2019.

Notably the band has supported The Amity Affliction on their “this could be heartbreak tour”

What I like about their sound are the heavy riffs, that make you want to headbang along.    

Songs I recommend are “D.O.A.” “Faith in Lies” “Hope Collection”



Persei is an alternative/emo band from New York, USA founded 2018 the band currently consist of vocalist/guitarist Jonathan Cutrona. vocalist/guitarist Mike Maldareli, guitarist Nick Millus, bassist Andrew Maino and drummer/vocalist Sergio Gorno.

Currently the band has released two Eps “117 Whatever Street” in 2018 and “idle Moments” in 2019

What I like about their sound is their raw emotional energy with reminds me of bands like “Movements” and “Citizen”

Songs I recommend are “Failed to Sync” “After the Storm” “Colder”

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