Wage War: Pressure Tour

Wage War @melkweg 20-1-2020

Last Monday Wage War played at the Melkweg, after seeing them about six months ago at the same venue, I was excited to see them play again.

This time they brought support so let’s talk about them first

First up was Thornehill

Thornhill @melkweg 20-1-2020

Thornehill is an Australian hardcore band, the band currently consists of vocalist Jacob Charlton, guitarist Ethan McCann, guitarist Matt van Duppen, bassist Nick Sjogren and drummer Ben Maida.

The band has released 2 eps and one album so far “13” released in 2016, “Butterfly released in 2018 and “The Dark Pool” in 2019, the band also has opened for such bands as Parkway Drive and Beartooth

Their set started with a bang, while the crowd was still getting in de mood they got everybody headbanging along, unfortunately they had to put in a little pause when guitarist Matt van Duppen  broke a string on his guitar and had to replace it, but that did not stand in the way of a great show

Song they played include “Nurture”, “Lily & The Moon” and “Where We Go When We Die”      

Ded @melkweg 20-1-2020

The second support act was DED

DED are a hardcore band from Arizona, Usa. Founded in 2016 the band currently consist of vocalist Joe Cotela, guitarist David Ludlow, bassist Kyle Koelsch and drummer Matt Reinhard.

The ban has released one album so far, “Mis-An-Thrope” in 2017, and has opened for bands such as “The Word Alive” and Blessthefall

Their set started with a bang by playing “FMFY” getting the crowd hyped up and even getting some moshpits started.

Songs they played include “Hate Me”, “Dead to Me” and “Anti-Everything”

 And finally Wage War

Wage War @melkweg 20-1-2020

Wage War are a metalcore form Ocala Florida, founded in 2010 under the name Empires. The fivesome currently consists of vocalist Briton Bond, guitarist/vocalist Cody Quistad, guitarist Seth Blake, Bassist Chris Gaylord and drummer Stephen Kluesener.

the band singed to fearless records in 2015 and released their debut Album Blueprints, they followed this up with their second album Deadweight in 2017. During 2018 the band released 2 stripped down singles and released a third album called Pressure in 2019.

Wage War @melkweg 20-1-2020

Their set was banging from start to end, starting of with “Who I Am” the crowd went wild, the band slowed I down a little with songs like “The River” and “Gravity” to hype up the crowd again with songs like “Johnny Cash” and “Low”

With an encore consisting of “Hurt” and “Stitch” during which vocalist Briton told the crowd to give it their all.

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