Bronnie: Dream Or Nightmare Tour

Bronnie @Melkweg 18-1-2020

Bronnie played at the Melkweg upstairs yesterday, after seeing her play the same venue last year I was more than exited to see her play again!

Let’s focus on the support first, just like last time the supporting artist was Danny Wright

Danny Wright @Melkweg 18-1-2020

Danny Wright

Danny Wright is a singer-songwriter and actor form the UK , formerly the front man of “DissolvedIN” and “We Are Lost Boys” he started his solo career in 2017 with a five songe EP called T.R.U.S.T in 2017 followed by two singles the same years and even more singles and covers of songs like “Thank U, Next” and “All The Small Things” between 2018 and 2019

During his 30 min set he filled the stage with energy on his own, singing songs like “Internet Famous”, “Nerves” and “I Don’t Like You And I Mean it”

And now the headliner Bronnie!

Bronnie is a pop punk sing and songwriter from the UK supported by her own band consisting of Peter Gebbie on guitar and Chris Mitchell on drums.

Bronnie has released her first single called “Modern Day Christmas” in 2015. The first of her four Eps called Social Rejex was released in 2017 followed by the “Get a Grip” EP in 2018 and the “Erase Me” Ep in 2018, she also has released a multitude of singles and a fourth EP called “Dream or Nightmare”   

Notably Bronnie has supported artist like “Neck Deep” and “Little Mix”

Bronnie @melkweg 18-1-2020

Her set started of with a whirlwind of energy, starting of the title track of her new EP “Dream or Nightmare”.  During their set you could feel the chemistry between the band and their love for the crowd, during the acoustic part of the set Bronnie even expressed her love for the crowd.

Bronnie @Melkweg 18-1-2020

The crowd went wild the most during songs like “Total Outcast” and “Social Rejex” with even a moshpit breaking out in the middle of the crowd. Other highlights include covers of Neck Deeps “A Part of Me” and Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted”

Songs they played during thier set include “I Wonder What it’s Like” “Strange Tattoo” and “Get a Grip”

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