Against the Current: Runnig With the Wild Things

Against the Current @ De Helling 8-12-2019

Last Sunday Against the Current played at the helling in Utrecht, being a band, I wanted to see for some time but always seemed to miss when the where near me, I finally got my chance!  But let us put a spot light on their supporting artist first.  


guccihighwaters @ De Helling 8-12-2019

Guccihighwaters is an emo rapper born in Ireland and currently living in Long beach New York he is also known as producer notmorgn. He started posting songs on SoundCloud in march 2016 and gained fame with his debut album “Post Death” in 2017. 

His set was short but entertaining, while rap is not really my taste, I must say that he brought some catchy songs, with the stage energy to back them

During his 30 min set he played songs like “Filling Up the Space”, “High School” and my personal favorite “Amnesia”

And now the Maine event: Against the Current

Against the Current @ de Helling 8-12-2019

Against the Current are a pop punk inspired pop rock band from Poughkeepsie, New York founded in 2011 the band consists of Vocalist Chrissy Constanza, guitarist Dan Gow and drummer Will Ferri.

The band released their debut EP “Infinity” in 2014 and followed it up with a second EP “Gravity” the same year. Their first real album “In Our Bones” in 2016 and their latest release “Past Lives” in 2018

The band has been on tour with bands like “All time Low” “The Ready Set” and “State Champs” so it’s safe to say that for a pop sounding band the feel more at home in the pop punk scene.

Against the Current @ de Helling 8-12-2019

Their set was filled with energy, the band started of with a bang by playing “Voices” because of guitarist Dan’s birthday the crowd was encouraged by vocalist Chrissy to sing a birthday song, something that was repeated throughout the set

During their set Chrissy was the most energetic of the three, combing singing with jumping and other stage antics.

Against the Current @ De Helling 8-12-2019

During their 75 min set the played songs like “Running with the Wild Things” “Almost Forgot” and “the Fuss” before the encore the crowd decided to sing Dutch Birthday songs for Dan’s after with the band played an encore consisting of classics “Gravity” and “Wasteland”

Leaving me happy to finally have seen them live!       

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