10 bands I think you should check-out

I’m always interested in discovering new and up-coming bands, so with this in mind I composed a list of ten bands I think you should check out.  

oh, weatherly

1 Oh, Weatherly

Oh, Weatherly is a pop punk band form Texas, founded in 2015 vocalist Blake Roses, Rhythm Guitarist Angel Bedoy, Lead Guitarist Reece Alan, Drummer Colton Lakey and Bassist Beau Harris take inspiration form bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Blink 182.

Their first EP was released in 2016. About 2 years later they released their first full length album “Lips Like Oxygen”. They remind me a little of Mayday Parade which is not surprising considering their first album has been produced by Jake Bundrick of Mayday Parade. In the same year they also went on tour with Mayday Parade but unfortunately, they have not been on the EU leg of that tour.

What I like about Oh, Weatherly is their mix of newer and older types of pop punk, basically combining they faster paced modern pop punk like State Champs and the more emo driven pop punk of the neon era. My favorite 3 songs by them are ‘’One for The Rose’’ ‘’Dark of The Night’’ and “Chasing California”.      

Academy Killer

2 Academy Killer

Academy Killer is a fourpiece form Hamilton Ontario, established in 2016, the band consists of Vocalist Kevin Talbot, Lead Guitarist Lucas Goldson, Bassist Omar Kurd and Drummer Nathaniel Schuster. They do not like to be labeled with a genre but are best labeled as pop punk band.

The band has made a couple of Ep’s and singles between 2016 and 2018 and recently released their first album called “Lost in Made Believe” with them only preforming locally in Ontario at the moment I hope they will make their way to the EU someday.

With a handful of songs to choose from a recommend listening to “While I Drown” “Looks To Kill” and Dance With Me.       

bottels of Love

3 Bottles of Love

Bottles of love is a Dutch band that is often described as a hyperpop band, myself I would label them as a pop rock band. The band consists of five members: vocalist Willem Jonker, Guitarist Nick Jongejan, Guitarist Harmen vd Rhee, bassist Tom Vorstius Kruijff, drummer Robin Faas and Jaap Mol on keys.

The band has released some singles in 2016 and their first album called “Hush” in 2017 and a couple more singles since then.

I have seen them live once as the opener of at a The Overslept show. Bottels of love give a little stage show and their frontman Willem likes to joke around. Songs I recommend are “Never Let Go” “Keep Your Head Up” and “So Serious”    

second home

4 Second Home

Second Home is a three headed pop punk machine from the Manchester UK. Consisting of vocalist Ryan Whistance, Guitarist Monique Tallow and Bassist Jake. The band was founded by Ryan and Monique in December 2017 and later named Second home.

The band spend the summer of 2018 working on their first Ep Called “First Thoughts” which released at the beginning of 2019. I first found out about this band Through the YouTube channel of Monique which I have been following for a while. I like their music because its pop punk with a little punch. Songs I recommend are “Happier” “Sidelines” and “Stickup Kid”    

You vs Yesterday

5 You vs Yesterday

You vs Yesterday are pop-punk fourpiece form Ohio, US, being inspired by neon pop punk the band consisting of vocalist/guitarist Kramer Welker, Guitarist Tyler Anderson, bassist Eddie Knight and drummer Michael Murray.

They band released their first single “Wasted” in 2014 and their first ep in 2016. Furthermore, they released 2 new singles in 2019. What I like mostly about them is their 2000 type sound. Songs I recommend are “Chip on My Shoulder” “Both of Us and “Wishful Thinking”        

Kick Me Out

6 Kick Me Out

Kick Me Out is a five headed pop punk and metal band from the Netherlands. The band first started out as Deadman’s switch, which after multiple line up chances was renamed Kick Me Out and now consisted of vocalist Nienke Schimmel, bassist Rowan Maris, drummer Boudewijn Jansen, Lead guitarist Leander Van Bijnen, and rhythm guitarist Fons van Wegen.

I have been a fan of this band from the beginning, which also has to do with the fact I know the members personally. What I like most about their sound is the mix-up of pop punk, punk and modern metalcore, which the band itself describes with the phrase thrash Punk. With only 2 tracks behind their name I Recommend you check out both “Falling from The Sky” and “Holding On”. Keep them on your radar for the future.   

wage war

7 Wage War

Wage War is a metalcore form Ocala Florida, first formed in 2010 under the name Empires. The fivesome consists of vocalist Briton Bond, guitarist/vocalist Cody Quistad, guitarist Seth Blake, Bassist Chris Gaylord and drummer Stephen Kluesener.

the band singed to fearless records in 2015 and released their debut Album Blueprints. And followed this up with their second album Deadweight in 2017. During 2018 the band released 2 stripped down singles and released a third album called Pressure in 2019.

What I like about Wage War is their more melodic take on metalcore. I have seen them live once and look forward to catch their new tour this year. Songs I recommend are “Stitch” “Alive” and “Low”  


8 Bronnie

Bronnie is a pop punk sing and songwriter from the UK but could also be considered a full-blown pop punk band consisting of Bronnie Hughes on vocals, Peter Gebbie on guitar and Chris Mitchell on drums.

Bronnie has released her first single called “Modern Day Christmas” in 2015. The first of her four Eps called Social Rejex was released in 2017 followed by the Get a Grip EP in 2018 and the Erase Me Ep in 2018, she also has released a multitude of singles and a fourth EP called Dream or Nightmare.

I have seen her live once and with a stage presence full of attitude and energy I can’t wait to see her again. Songs I recommend are “Strange Tattoo”  “High School Sucks” and “Dream or Nightmare”          

The Overslept

9 The Overslept

The Overslept are a local band for me. The four headed pop rock band consisting of vocalist/guitarist Sem Jonkhout, bassist Tommy de best, drummer Daniël van den Brink and guitarist Délano Ladurner. the band released their first EP called “Memory lane” in 2014, and followed this with a second EP called “Guidelines” in 2016 after which they released a couple of singles between 2016 and 2018 subsequently releasing a third EP in 2018 called “Signals” and releasing a single in 2019 called “Long Way Down”

Being a local band to me I have see them live more than a couple of times, what I like most about them is their stage presence and their mix of old school pop punk and modern pop rock. Songs I recommend are “Forgive Me” “Social Circle’’  and “Ready To Go”       

doll skin

10 Doll Skin

Doll Skin is a pop punk and alternative band from Phoenix Arizona. The foursome consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sydney Dolezal, guitarist Alex Snowden, bassist Nicole Rich and Drummer Meghan Herring.

The band was founded in 2013 and released their debut EP “In Your Face” in 2015, Re-releasing it with add bonus tracks in 2016 under the name “In Your Face (Again)” following it up with their first album “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” in 2017 and recently releasing a second album called “Love Is Dead And We Killed Her”

I have seen them live once and loved their performance, I like that their music is pop punk in a more old school way, leaning some more to punk. Songs I recommend are “Baby’s Breath” “So Much Noting” and “Your Idols Are Dying”     

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