21 Questions

After a couple of post, it might be time to tell a little more about myself. So I have answered a list of 21 questions  

1. What’s your name?  Rick

2. How old are you? 21 years

3.First album you bought? Meteora by linkin park

4.Green Day or Blink-182? Both  

5.Band merch or streetwear? both

6.Favorite book? War of the worlds by H.G Wells

7.Last movie you watched? Captain marvel

8.How many shows you have been to? 33 shows and 5 festivals

9.Favorite food? Fried meatballs and cauliflower  

10.Favorite comic book character? Agent carter

11.What are your hobby’s? gaming, playing and building guitars, and thinkering  

12.Favorite tv shows? Arrow verse, star trek the next generation.  

13.What’s your favorite movie? Star wars a new hope

14.What’s your favorite band? That is a hard question I have a couple, state champs neck deep, wage war, the offspring as it is and blink 182.

15.Favorite pizza? Peperoni and mozzarella

16.Favorite youtuber? Fact fiend/ karl smallwood

17.Star Trek or Star Wars? Both

18.How did you get into music? By hearing the offspring on a car radio

19.Favorite color? Neon green

20.Favorite albums? Americana by the offspring, around the world and back by state champs, enema of the state by blink 182, the last stand by sabaton dookie by green day and the reverence by Parkway drive  

21.Going out or chill at home? Going out

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